BLM. . .Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? Really? – PART ONE

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

I honestly thought I’d heard everything over the past couple weeks. No, really. 

For example:

  • I heard that Focus on the Family, a Christian ministry, was ousted from Twitter. 
  • Oh, and I heard that Twitter refused to take down widely shared porn images and videos of a teen sex trafficking victim. They didn’t see a problem with it. (A lawsuit has been filed against the Tech giant over this.) 
  • I heard that undocumented immigrants deserve an easy ride to the American dream. 
  • Which is ironic, because hard-working Americans have just learned that Biden is killing their jobs in the name of saving the environment. 
  • I heard that Sephora cut ties with a conservative influencer. 
  • And HEB (my favorite grocery store) will no longer sell My Pillows because their CEO is a Trump supporter. 
  • I heard that pipe bombs were (allegedly) placed at the Capitol on January 5th, not 6th, which messes up the narrative that Trump’s speech incited the riot. 
  • And I heard (straight from the horse’s mouth) that John Kerry wants $80k/year oil workers to start making solar panels, instead. 
  • I heard that Dr. Fauci announced an exciting new plan to send my tax dollars overseas to pay for abortions. 
  • And that Biden doesn’t have a plan for COVID. 
  • I heard that Gitmo terrorists are at the front of the line for the new COVID vaccine. 
  • Oh, and businesses in multiple states are miraculously opening up, now that the Democrats are in control of the government. 
  • I heard we’re giving more power to China. 
  • And less to our states. 
  • I heard that we’re terribly worried about conservatives being terrorists. 
  • And I heard that children of conservatives need to be sent to reprogramming centers. 
  • I heard that transgender athletes can now compete on girls’ sports teams. 
  • And children as young as eight should be allowed to choose their gender without the risk of “discrimination” from those who disagree. 
  • I heard that a former FBI lawyer was sentenced to probation after falsifying a document in the Trump Spygate scandal. 
  • And I heard that Democrats are using the military in D.C. to give the appearance that they need protection from violent Republicans. 
  • I heard that NY’s nursing home COVID deaths were far worse than previously reported. 
  • And I heard that Canada is upset at the Biden administration for breaking trust with them over the Keystone pipeline. 
  • On top of all of this, I heard that Democrats still believe Trump is the real problem. (Should we remind them he’s no longer in office?)  

Really. . .truly. . .I thought I’d heard everything. 

But, today a notification came through that trumped every other thing I’d heard this past the week:

BLM has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. 

BLM, the group connected with the most expensive riots in the history of America. . received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize? 

Minneapolis Protests
Video courtesy @youtube

I’m sorry, but I can’t even wrap my head around this. I keep waiting for someone to pop out and say, “Just kidding! 

But so far no one has popped out. No one has said, “Just kidding!” 

Before I add my thoughts on this nomination, I want to go on record as saying that I do believe that black lives matter. They matter to me. They matter to America. They matter to God. But, for personal reasons, I cannot throw my support behind the organization.

Join me for PART TWO, where I will lay out several reasons why I CAN lend my support to people of every race and color, but why I CAN’T lend my support to this “peace-loving” organization. And why I’m far more concerned with the narrative we’re being force-fed. 



  1. Some of those Nobel Peace Prize BLM rioters should be sent to the home of the Norwegian legislator who made the nomination so he can see how much peace they can deliver to him personally!


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