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Wait. . .what?!

When it comes to Lin Wood, I find myself torn. Half the time I think, “He’s the guy I’d like to have on my team if I ever found myself in a legal jam.” He won the Nick Sandmann case, after all, garnering a $275,000 settlement from CNN for defamation against his client. The other half of the time I think, “Dang, I wonder if Lin is off of his medication. Are those closest to him watching what he’s posting?”

My first thought when I read this tweet, though? “I knew Epstein was still alive. I knew it!” Today I’d like to broach a delicate topic: that Lin Wood tweet. 

I know, I know. You’re asking, “Which tweet?” He’s a trigger-tweeter, after all. And many of his posts have raised more than a few questions or triggered a firestorm reaction from conservatives and liberals alike. He’s nothing, if not startling. 

Passionate. Out there. Filled with zeal. 

Fill in the blank with any number of exciting descriptors. 

But this morning a friend sent me a snapshot of one of Lin’s latest posts and it caused a bit of an unexpected reaction on my end. 

It’s kind of a running joke with my group of friends. None of us actually believe the man is dead. In fact, one friend is convinced she saw him in a restaurant in central Texas awhile back. While others have argued the “he didn’t really commit suicide; he was murdered” angle, I’ve always taken it a bit further and said: “What murder? He still walks among us!” 

When one of my friends sent me a copy of this tweet, I actually gasped aloud. Does Lin somehow have proof of what I have suspected all along? 

So many thoughts go through my mind as I ponder the “What ifs.” 

  • If he’s alive, how does Lin know? (Who is his source?)
  • If he’s alive, why would Lin risk everything to say so? 
  • If this is true, why is Lin sharing this information at this particular time? 
  • Is any of this tied to the election? 
  • Does anyone else find it strange that he would take a leap from Justice Roberts to Jeffrey Epstein? 

This, of course, demanded more twitter-reading on my part. I kept scrolling Lin’s feed until I came upon this post from December 30th

Photo courtesy from Twitter

Okay, I have to confess, I might’ve started humming the Twilight Zone theme song as I read that last one. Lin is sounding a little. . .out there. 

Here’s the thing about “out there” people, though: they put it all out there. Meaning, he risks all for what he believes. And apparently, he believes Epstein is alive. And connected to one of our Supreme Court justices. Who, according to Lin, is something other than what we’ve always thought. 

I’ll not add my thoughts on any of this. It might take a while to collect them, if I’m being totally honest. I’ll just say—as always—that Lin has raised my eyebrows and given me plenty of reason to go, “Hmm.”  



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