Can we Talk about Those Grammys?

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

I’m not a pop music fan. I checked out years ago when my younger siblings started asking questions about the lyrics. The Grammys seem to be more about the pop/contemporary genre than any other these days. So, I didn’t actually tune in to watch the awards show the other night.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one.

According to Variety, ratings for the music-themed awards show hit record lows, down nearly 53% from the 2020 show. That’s a big drop for just one year. We’re talking millions and millions of viewers.

To put this in perspective, 17.8 million viewers tuned in to hear poor, pitiful Meghan Markle complain about her sad life as a royal the week prior to the Grammys. Only 8.8 million watched the Grammys. Even with all of the “star power,” they couldn’t garner half of Meghan’s audience as she sat quietly in a chair and poured out her heart about how cruel life can be.

Go figure.

So, what happened. . .and why?

No doubt you’ve heard the expression, “Get woke, go broke.” Many of the companies and organizations that have pushed their political agenda on the nation are paying a price in their pocketbooks. Apparently, the Grammys have now joined that group.

They’ve used their platform to bash conservatives and to throw their debauchery in our faces. Yes, I went there. So many of today’s songs are nothing but porn. And I wouldn’t even call it soft porn anymore. It’s full-blown, in-your-face, can’t-even-share-the-lyrics-without-blushing porn. And the audience continues to eat it up.

If you didn’t tune in, you (sadly) missed Cardi B. dancing with a stripper pole and simulating a sex act on an oversized bed with co-singer, Megan Thee Stallion. Their song, WAP, is so repulsive that I can’t share the lyrics here. Please don’t look them up.

Host Trevor Noah gave viewers a warning ahead of the performance that it “might not be suitable for children.” He went on to say that parents could lie to their children and tell them, “it’s a song about giving a cat a bath.”

I’d rather watch a cat take a bath, thank you very much.

I tend to agree with Charlie Kirk, who had this to say on Twitter:

So, this is where the Grammys are. Porn is cool. Anything conservative is not. “Woke-ism” is the religion of the day. Anything that opposes their hedonistic flirtation with progressivism is bad, bad, bad.

So, I guess I’m bad, because I definitely don’t have anything in common with that crowd. And, if the substantial drop in ratings is any indicator, millions of others feel just like me.



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