Capitol “Insurrection” was Planned on Facebook – PART ONE

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

Things just got very interesting for the Kangaroo Court (aka Impeachment 2.0). 

It turns out, the core group of people behind the January 6th “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol building met well in advance of President Trump’s speech. Not hours. Not days. . .but weeks. Possibly months. It’s “where” they planned much of it that’s raising eyebrows. The majority of the scheming took place on Facebook, well in advance of Trump’s now-infamous speech. 

According to Buzzfeed:

Right-wing extremists used Facebook to make calls to overthrow the government and storm the US Capitol in the period leading up to a violent insurrection on Jan. 6, a tech watchdog group has found, contradicting attempts by the social media company to downplay the role of its platform in the affair.

The Tech watchdog group mentioned by BuzzFeed is Tech Transparence, who reported:

Since last fall, TTP has documented numerous instances of domestic extremists discussing weapons and tactics, coordinating their activities, and spreading calls to overthrow the government on Facebook, up to and including the mob attack on the Capitol, which left at least five people dead. Much of the activity took place in private Facebook groups—insulated communities that allow people to organize out of the public eye while still having access to a large online following.

You might recall that Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer for Facebook made headlines when she stated that the attack on the Capitol was “largely organized” on other platforms. Of course, the primary platform that took the heat for this was Parler, which was shut down in a concerted effort by the rest of Big Tech. 

TTP reported: 

Despite Sheryl Sandberg’s effort to point the finger at other platforms for the U.S. Capitol riot, TTP identified numerous examples of Facebook users promoting the Jan. 6 rally as an opportunity to “#OccupyCongress.” “[S]upporters should storm DC in January 6th #occupycongress and the senate, prevent the vote by a force of nature,” read one post.

According to TTP, there were several militant and anti-government groups planning a nationwide effort to “back up” the police on election day. In extremist Facebook groups there was talk of overthrowing the government after Biden was named the winner. In the weeks leading up to January 6th there were calls for “well armed” citizens to join the emergency response. TTP reported that a particular group required their incoming members to state that they would be willing to die for their country. 

This went on for weeks. 

Ironic, isn’t it? Trump’s January 6th speech has been blamed for inciting the events at the Capitol, but if the planning for this mayhem began months prior, then how could his speech be held responsible? (Can we drop the impeachment trial now? Please?) 

More thoughts from TTP’s investigation:

In the days since Jan. 6, Facebook has continued to allow discussion of insurrection and is even profiting from it. Research by BuzzFeed and TTP found that Facebook was pushing ads for weapons accessories and military gear to users who engage in militia and far right groups on the platform. (Facebook later paused such ads until after the inauguration.)

This doesn’t quite match the earlier narrative from Sandberg, does it? While I did appreciate the revelation of the role Facebook played, I had my concerns about the expose, which I will share in PART TWO



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