Capitol “Insurrection” was Planned on Facebook – PART TWO

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

In PART ONE I shared about an expose from TTP (Tech Transparency Project) revealing that multiple extremist groups plotted the Capitol insurrection for several weeks, all within the safety of private Facebook groups. This raises the question: “How can Trump’s speech on January 6th be blamed as the inciting event?” 

I think we all know it’s can’t. And Democrats know it, too, though that isn’t stopping them from forging ahead with the trial. 

This TTP article, while pointing out the obvious discrepancies between Facebook’s very public statements and their contradictory behind-the-scenes actions, was a tough read for this conservative. It’s very slanted against those who suspected election fraud, and seems to infer that anyone who believed there were voting irregularities would fall into the category of conspiracy theorist and/or a far-right extremist. 

I find that both alarming and inflammatory. If we questioned what happened on Nov. 3rd in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Arizona (as many of our own Congressmen/women did) would that make us radicals in the eyes of these watchdogs?  Probably. 

But since we’re talking about extremes, is anyone forgetting that far-left radicals spent the summer burning down businesses, cars, and police stations? That they beat innocent people, all in the name of their cause? That the media reported it all as peaceful and loving? 

No, I don’t suppose anyone wants to remember any of that. And I guess this wouldn’t be a good time to remind folks that at least one of those far-left groups was represented at the Capitol on January 6th.  

But, hey. . .what do I know? I wasn’t there. Like most normal conservatives, I was on my sofa, recoiling in horror as I watched it all unfold on my television set.  

Back to those private Facebook groups: 

I feel like I know a little something about all of that. See, I was in a conservative group that was abruptly shut down after January 6th. It was a typical group of likeminded conservatives who supported Trump and a host of other Republican candidates. I never once heard anything violent from any of the 500,000 members. For that matter, “controversial” conversations were taboo—our moderator wouldn’t even allow us to mention potential election irregularities. 

And yet, our group was removed after the incident at the Capitol.   

  • Guilty because of our association with Trump? 
  • Guilty, because we banned together in a social media group with fellow conservatives? 
  • Guilty because we believed there was potential fraud, (something that millions of people across this great county believed, as well)? 
  • Guilty, because we were proud of Cruz, Hawley, and the other representatives who questioned the Electoral College results? 
  • Guilty, because we hoped and prayed for four more years with a president whose policies we appreciated? 

It’s a conundrum. . .all of these accusations of guilt. Unfortunately, it’s also something Democrats can now take advantage of. 

But right now, I’m not going to hyper-focus on what anyone on The Left thinks about anyone on The Right. I’d rather celebrate the fact that Trump’s legal defense now has one more bit of evidence to prove his innocence in this farce of an impeachment trial.  

Not that having proof has ever stopped anyone from accusing Donald J. Trump, but, hey. . .a guy can dream, can’t he? 





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