Children in Pods at Texas Border

Photo courtesy @EpochTimes

Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot 

Conditions at the Texas border are worsening by the day, especially for the kids who’ve crossed over and are now held in pods. These “pods” (which are meant to hold up to 260) are housing 400 kids. 

Biden’s administration has forbidden media access. Even Texas Governor Greg Abbott had trouble getting the state’s people in. But Rep. Henry Cuellar has obtained photos from an overflow tent facility in the town of Donna, Texas. They say a picture paints a thousand words and this one surely does. 

Kids are sleeping in these pods, huddled onto the floor on makeshift “beds.” They’re living in extremely crowded conditions, but the situation continues to grow worse as children flood over the border. 

According to Cuellar the pods provide “terrible conditions for the children.” He’s of the opinion that the kids should be moved and then cared for by the Dept. of Health and Human Services. 

In an earlier piece, our own D.J. Neeley who lives in South Texas, shared about the dollars and cents of caring for these thousands of illegal immigrants. Hotel rooms have been acquired for 1200 of them (at the cost of $86 million from the federal government). I told a good friend earlier today that I’m going to have to take on a second job to pay for the care of all these folks. 

I was only half-kidding. 

Cuellar also added that Customs and Border Protection (CPB) agents are “doing the best they can under the circumstances” but are “not equipped to care for kids” and “need help from the administration.” 

“We have to stop kids and families from making the dangerous trek across Mexico to come to the United States,” he said. “We have to work with Mexico and Central American countries to have them apply for asylum in their countries.”

It’s refreshing to hear a Democrat confirm what most of us on The Right have been saying all along. If we swing wide the gate, the flood will kill us all. It will wreck us financially, but, with so many (up to 25%) of these immigrants testing positive for COVID, it could literally kill us, as well. 

“These photos show what we have long been saying, which is these border patrol facilities are not places made for children,” White House press secretary, Jen Psaki told reporters at the White House on Monday. “They are not places we want children to be staying for an extended period of time.”

She went on to say that the children should not be turned away at the border, as many are fleeing violence and prosecution. 

I don’t know the answer to the problem. I honestly don’t. But I do know that Biden has opened the floodgates with his policies and comments and we can expect more of the same in the coming weeks and months. Much more. And we’ll see an influx of problems as the floodwaters begin to rise around us. 

The White House refuses to call our border situation a crisis. Honestly? I can’t see how they can avoid that word for much longer, especially now that we’re aware of the costs associated with caring for thousands (eventually millions) on the taxpayer dime. 

It’s a crisis, folks. There’s simply no other way to put it. 



  1. Why aren’t more people taking to social media about all the wasted monies in that COVID relief bill that was sent to other countries and not used on Americans only yet and still our hard earned money greased palms in other countries as usual and worse, the people should be on social media speaking to more wasteful spending on hotels for illegals, etc. which I’m sure is just a start when none of this should be happening in the first place but no one is trying to stop the insanity! Maybe the border patrol should strike. Why don’t some reporters get pictures of the border on their own they seem to get info when they REALLY want to! Also, they could place judges at the border along with staff and tents to house some of the people instead of expensive hotels and no major hospitalization on taxpayers dimes like baby delivery and if that cannot be stopped on our soil at least why does the child have to be considered a citizen just because she had it on our soil (this is the stupidest thing ever-especially since the mother is illegal so should the baby) but great, keep it that way and of course pregnant women will just keep coming! I am sick of all these people coming in and no one is really raging about it! I don’t hear any Hollywood types offering their homes, yards, credit cards or cash to help out only complaints of more that should be done! Biden means to destroy our country and “lock a brother up Harris” isn’t making any comments on that nor Cuomo’s antics with the ladies (hello – where all the Me Too folks at huh??!?) yet an still we will have events on our soil brought about by the CCP bc of traitors in our own ranks that truly believe when we fall there will be a place for their traitorous butts but news flash, theirs will be the first heads to roll, tongue in cheek excluded. I just hope the rapture happens before the fall of America because I just don’t think my heart could take watching my beloved country overrun by the enemy and our own turning on and selling out each other. We must rise up and do something and voting ain’t it! That is unless voting is completely overhauled so we can actually have a safe and fair election. Anyone that still believes it was fair and not stolen clearly has selective vision! The corruption is rampant and completely unchecked but I refuse to believe it can’t be fixed. Prayer is a powerful tool and I believe if we want it bad enough, we CAN fix this! Rapture ready baby but if He’s not ready, we need to get to work! Y’all game???


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