Coke. . .Broke and Woke?

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

“Get woke, go broke.” You’ve seen that quote a dozen times, likely. We use it a lot here at Civil Patriot. Corporations that feel compelled to “go woke” often lose customers as a result. And the crazy thing is, they don’t seem to care. 

But sometimes the story is the other way around. Sometimes companies are already struggling and they grasp at a PC (politically correct) straw, hoping to save themselves. 

Such is the case with Coke (Coca-Cola). 

According to

Coca-Cola’s global sales fell 28% in the second quarter of 2020 from $10 billion to $7.15 billion. The corporate giant blamed the pandemic which had shuttered movie theaters and bars, and began cutting its small brands while concentrating on its big signature brands.

But Coke was struggling even long before the pandemic.

Despite all the international marketing, North America is still the biggest soda market. And the average American is down to drinking 40 gallons of soda from 50 gallons two decades ago. The shift was driven by the same demographic that tends to go woke, young white urban lefties, who became more likely to drink bottled water. Coke chased them by going into bottled water and vitamin drinks, but also by shifting away from a family brand once associated with Santa.

Back in mid-February, an internal whistleblower from Coca-Cola sent screenshots to a YouTube vlogger and psychologist named Dr. Karlyn Borysenko.

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Needless to say, the shots went viral. And the already-struggling company instantly lost the respect of millions of customers. 

According to Coke, white folks (like me) need “to be less oppressive, less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant, and be humbler.” 

Well then. I’ll need to work on my humility. And my divisive nature. 

But, seriously. . .do you see how ludicrous it is to lump all white people into these categories and to assume they behave this way? It’s inflammatory, it’s hurtful and (most of all) it’s simply not true. 

Only, Coke wants its employees to believe it’s true. Hence the training. 

They started by mind-shaping their employees. Then they began to target their outside legal teams’ diversity. If the firm didn’t meet their standards for workforce diversity, they would receive a lower rate. 


Okay, then. 

As it stands today, the lack of diversity in law firms may have more to do with self-selection than discrimination of any kind. In 2019, 34% of working attorneys were women, 4.6% were black, 2.9% were Asian, and 3.8% were Hispanic. These percentages are all much lower than the percentage of the population these groups make up. ( 

How far will Coke go to make their point? Well, that’s the problem, my friends. They don’t say “Get woke, go broke” for nothing. These folks just keep going until they’ve driven away their customer base. They would rather make a point than maintain solid relationships that have propelled their products to stardom. 

And that, I’m sad to say, won’t just hurt the company. It hurts all of us. 



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