Defund the GOP? (What Trump Says…)

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

It might be a bit extreme to say that Trump is wanting to defund the GOP to press the RINOs out, but, in essence, that’s what’s happening. His goal is, and always was, to turn the GOP into the party of the Patriots, but with RINOs standing in the way, it’s been tough.

So, he’s mobilizing what some are calling a blitzkrieg against the GOP establishment and he’s got his sights set on knocking over a few RINOs as he barrels through. 

(Have you figured out yet that Trump’s not going away? I do believe he’ll be as newsworthy between now and 2024 as he ever was.) 

It started when he sued the GOP for using his name to raise funds. 

They kicked back, claiming they should be allowed to use his name to raise money for the party. 

RNC chief counsel Justin Riemer argued the GOP “has every right to refer to public figures as it engages in core, First Amendment-protected political speech, and it will continue to do so in pursuit of these common goals.”

According to an article at 

Some on the right are concerned about the impact this particular dispute could have on the GOP’s ability to raise funds necessary to secure electoral victories. “Invoking Trump is an absolute winner when it comes to fundraising,” one Republican strategist said to The Hill. “It’s been really valuable in building a low-dollar fundraising organ for the party. Hopefully they’ll get this worked out because, as it stands, it’s a huge and totally unnecessary hurdle to overcome.”

Trump has his eye on RINOs like Senator Lisa Murkowsky, who voted to convict him during the impeachment trial. He’s headed to Alaska soon to campaign against her. 

So, it would appear Trump has a hit list. 

He’s not alone. Several other Patriots are working hard to get rid of what many are calling the Republican aristocracy. 

Will we eventually see the RINOs pushed out? I’ve often argued that they need to switch to the other team if they’re going to continue to vote against their allies. Why call yourself a Republican if you’re always going to side with the Democrats? 

There’s no denying the fact that Republicans need to come together. United, we’re powerful and have many opportunities for change. Divided, we’re weak, vulnerable, and easily taken down. 

And Trump still controls the party, though he’s no longer sitting in the Oval Office. 

Lindsey Graham acknowledged this in a recent interview with Axios on HBO, where he said: 

“He can make I bigger; he can make it stronger; he can make it more diverse; and he could destroy it,” he said.

I don’t believe it’s in Trump’s heart to destroy the Republican Party. I just think he’s got a solid plan to press the RINOs out so that the party can eventually come together. 

That’s my hope, anyway. 



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