Defund the Police! (Except in D.C.)

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

Remember a few months ago when everyone on the Left was talking about defunding the police? Cops were the bad guys and needed to be punished. 

That was then, this is now. 

Now cops are the good guys again. (Yay!) But they’re only good in D.C. (Boo!) 

There’s something fishy going on in D.C., folks. (I know, I know. . .there’s always something fishy going on in D.C.) Democrats are considering a 20% pay increase to Capitol police, which would make it the biggest force in the U.S. In other parts of the country, average citizens will be protected by police officers who may (or may not) get defunded, simply because they’re (allegedly) racists and murderers. But D.C. officers, instead of being defunded, are being elevated. 

These folks must be some rare breed of police officer! They’re not bad like all the rest! They’re not racist. They’re not murderers. They are the great defenders of those who matter most—Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and all of the others in power. 

Got it. 

Here’s an awkward truth, folks: Democrats are hypocrites. 

That’s it, in a nutshell. They’re hypocrites who believe that cops are bad. . .but only when it serves their purpose for cops to be bad. And they believe that cops are good. . .as long as those cops are protecting them. They bad mouth police officers across the nation while rewarding the ones who look after them. 

Can we say double standard? 

Do I think the Capitol police deserve a pay raise to cover the additional officers and training they need in a post-January 6th world? Maybe. I do have some questions about their slow response on January 6th. Apparently someone didn’t pass along the memo that an “insurrection” might be at hand and that supposedly gummed up the works. 

They haven’t gotten everything right. But, if that’s why they need a raise—to further grow and train their team—then I won’t argue. I’ll just add that all officers across this great nation probably need a raise, too. . .not defunding. That’s all.  

Do you not find it ironic that the Democrats seem to turn on a dime, whenever it suits their needs? Today it suits their needs to be protected, so they’re happy to give those officers pats on the back and a nice pay increase. Tomorrow they might have a change of heart. (That’s what Democrats do. . .there’s a lot of about-facing going on most of the time.) 

I just want to know where these same Democrats were back in June when officers were facing angry mobs, burning down cities and killing innocent people. 

Police deserve our respect. Period. And Democrats? They need to learn to be consistent in how they treat officers, no matter who they’re guarding and protecting. 





  1. The left is starting to feel the results of their defund movement , more crime , no real prosecution by leftist DA’s . No recourse on BLM/Antifa for their crimes against people, we now live in a Dictatorship with no one at the helm.Democrat’s think they can do anything they desire even if it causes a rebellion.

  2. I think it would be wonderful if the people coming across the border could be bussed to Washington DC to start their new life! I’m sure
    the Biden Administration would open their arms since they are allowing it!
    I would be happy to drive a bus!


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