Did the FBI Know about the Colorado Shooter?

Photo courtesy @mattartz

Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

These mass shootings leave a person feeling sick inside, but it’s even more nauseating to hear that the FBI already knew about this guy. 

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, (a 21-year-old from Arvada, a suburb of Denver) was linked to anther individual under investigation by the Bureau, (this, according to The New York Times). 

Alissa, the suspected gunman who brutally killed 10 people in a mass shooting in Boulder earlier this week, was known by the FBI. 

It took police about 20 minutes to take Alissa into custody after the shooting spree ended. Some reports say that the police entered the store through the ceiling. He willingly surrendered. 

Alissa purchased the weapon used in the mass shooting just six days prior. He began his attack by shooting a man outside of the grocery store before heading inside. Another person was found dead in a vehicle next to a car registered to Alissa’s brother. 

Boulder police tweeted out this post to the public.

Photo courtesy @Twitter

Law enforcement officials are still trying to determine the motivation for Alissa’s killing spree. 

He has been charged with ten counts of first-degree murder. If convicted, Alissa will face life imprisonment without parole. 

We know that the Biden-Harris administration (see what I did there?) has already capitalized on this mass shooting to promote their “We’re coming for your guns” agenda, but that’s a story for another day. It’s enough to know that the FBI had a heads-up about this guy, and yet he still managed to purchase a gun and kill ten innocent people. 

I can’t help but think that if even one of those other store employees or customers was armed that day this story might have ended differently. 

That, too, is a story for another day. 

Alissa has made his first court appearance, seated in a wheelchair wearing a gown and mask. 

The Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty had this to say to the judge: 

“The crime scene has not yet been completed in terms of processing and we’ll be filing additional charges in the next couple of weeks,” 

Alissa’s attorney Kathryn Herold laid strong clues that Alissa is mentally ill. She noted that they “cannot do anything until we are able to fully assess Mr. Alissa’s mental illness.”

“We cannot begin to assess the nature and depth of Mr. Alissa’s mental illness until we have the discovery from the government,” she said. (CNN)


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