Do You See What I See?

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It’s There if You Look
Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true;
the other is to refuse to believe what is true.
Soren Kierkegaard

Maybe you’ve heard the old expression, “He only hears what he wants to hear.” Or maybe you’ve said, “She only sees what she wants to see.” Those statements have never been truer than right now. Many Americans seem to have lost their ability to see and hear the truth. As my mama used to say, “He wouldn’t see it if it jumped up and bit him.” The truth about this election is biting people in the backside at this very moment and they still don’t see it. 

Our country is split down the middle—half of the people (eyes wide open) convinced Trump was robbed and the other half (blinded by the media) saying things like, “What fraud? There was no fraud!” Or, “What do you mean, COVID was politicized? You must be a conspiracy theorist if you believe that!”

You scratch your head and wonder, “Am I imagining this? Maybe things aren’t really as twisted as they seem. Maybe it’s just me.” Then you look at the evidence of election fraud and the shackles fall for good. You mumble, “If I’m seeing this and my conservative friends are seeing this, then why aren’t the Democrats seeing this? Maybe they really are blind. Or, worse, maybe they just don’t care.”

Here’s the sad reality: Human beings only see what they want to see. 

Still not convinced? 

  • You could point to eye-witness testimonies of hundreds of poll watchers who witnessed fraud and Democrats would say, “That’s just one person’s word against the other.”
  • You could show them statistical anomalies and they would say, “Well, who hired that analyst? He was probably biased.” 
  • You could ask, “Did you watch the hearings in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin? Did you hear all of those stories?” They would say, “Why would I waste my time on that? Those people are probably paid by Trump, anyway.” 
  • You could show them a video of ballot boxes hidden under a table and they would say, “That doesn’t mean anything. They were just storing them there.”
  • You could add, “Those poll watchers were sent home, told there was a water main break. We now know that wasn’t true.” They would say, “There’s no proof they were sent home.” 
  • You might add, “There is proof. It’s all on video.” They would roll their eyes and say, “That video was probably doctored.”   
  • You could say, “There were shenanigans with those mail-in ballots. We have testimonies and photos.” They would say, “Mail-in ballots are totally secure and if you disagree then you’re a racist.”
  • You might add, “Trump realized months before this election that they were going to try to steal it! That’s why he fought so hard against those mail-in ballots.” But they would come back with, “He knew he would lose all along and had already concocted the fraud story beforehand. You’re an idiot for not seeing it. But then again, you are a Trumpster and you folks are messed up in the head. You’re also dangerous and irresponsible. Oh, and you’re a racist.” 

It’s a losing battle, isn’t it? 

This whole story reminds me of that time I went to the refrigerator to grab the bottle of mustard but couldn’t find it. Later on, my wife pointed out that it was right in front of me on the shelf at eye-level. It was so close I couldn’t see it. 

That’s where the Democrats are right now. They’re so close to the situation—the MSM sharing story after story to confirm what they’ve been coerced into believing—that they simply can’t see the jar of mustard. It’s right there in front of them (fraud, dead people voting, cases filled with ballots) but they are blind to the obvious. 

What we need, folks, is a modern-day miracle of biblical proportions. We need the blind to see. We need the deaf to hear. And we need it ASAP so that this current situation can be turned around. 

  • We need it in our judges.
  • We need it in our legislators. 
  • We need it in our media. 
  • We need it at Big Tech companies. 
  • We need it in our voters.  

“Do you see what I see?”

It’s far more than a simple Christmas song this year. 

Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.


  1. I not only see it, but I also know that my vote was stolen from me. It doesn’t matter that I had to give the last numbers of my Social Security Numbers, my name and address and several other “needs” that I had to do to verify who I am, and a number of other things to verify my ballot, only to have people who are dead, lived out of state but still voted in my state, and many other ways some people worked to steal my vote from me.


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