Entire Staff of Nevada Democratic Party Quits

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

BREAKING: Democratic Socialists are taking over in Nevada and it’s got true Democrats running scared. 

The entire staff of the state’s Democratic Party has just resigned because progressive candidates (who were endorsed by Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America) swept the state’s leadership positions in Saturday’s elections. 

The party’s operations director, research director, communications director and finance director all resigned after the left-wing candidates of the “NV Dems Progressive Slate,” which was run by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and the Left Caucus, beat out the Democratic Party’s “Progressive Unity Slate” on Saturday. (yahoo news)

These Sanders-backers are taking over Nevada and even those on the Left are terrified. 

This news comes just weeks after several key Democrats in Congress made a point of stating that they’re not socialists and don’t care to be aligned with socialism. (Let’s face it, the word “socialism” scares anyone with common sense.) 

In days gone by, the Nevada Democratic Party has been run by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s allies. Apparently, those days are gone.   

Nevada has long been a swing state. With the help of Henry Reid, they were able to chalk up wins since 2016. But now? Not so much. 

According to The Intercept: 

On Saturday afternoon, the Nevada Democratic Party leadership was thrown out of office by a coalition that had come together organizing for Bernie Sanders in the state’s caucuses in 2016 and 2020. What happened next was both shocking and, if you’re cynical enough, expected. 

To back up — a group of five candidates calling themselves the progressive slate, running in coalition with the local Democratic Socialists of America, swept four of the five races Saturday against the establishment slate, which dubbed itself “Progressive Unity.” After a fight over who was eligible to vote and whose vote hadn’t been counted, the one race they lost flipped, meaning the DSA-backed slate had won all five party leadership positions.

This takeover by progressives will certainly affect the overall power of the state’s Democratic party. It will also make it harder for them in the presidential election in 2024. 

The new chair of the state party, Judith Whitmer, expressed surprise at the resignations. This, amid allegations that she had threatened to fire the staff, (an allegation she denies). 

“The goal obviously is still to elect Democrats,” Whitmer told the Associated Press. “That will always be our goal, but it’s also our goal to bring more progressives into the fold and bring those progressive voices into the party.”

The only thing good that can be said of this (and it’s a bit of a stretch) is that perhaps conservatives will stand a better chance in 2022 and 2024 because people, even those who usually vote solely for Democrats, will be so nervous about Socialists taking over. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little nervous about that, myself. 



  1. Remember when the so called members of the MONGOLOID MASS MEDIA insisted that Donald Trump was going to be a “Dictator” and take the voice of “WE THE PEOPLE”, well look at what we have in our so called government now. The Dictatorial DEMONCRATS of Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Kamala, the Squad and the other 30 or so dogmatical idiots who were supposedly elected to serve WE THE PEOPLE of this Nation upon their OATH of Office. Now we also have the 8 of our so called Supreme Court Justices including the Chief Justice, who have failed to uphold their Oath of Office, and allowed case after case against the election of 2020 go without being judicially presented by the Trump legal staff. So once again the Voice of WE THE PEOPLE is silenced. This I thought was the United States of America, well it is not the Country that I grew up in, this is something out of the Twi-Light Zone. WE THE PEOPLE are being forced into something that our Forefathers fought against and that is the tyranny of a government against its citizens. We are having our Freedom of Speech, of Religion, and most of our Constitution being taken away from us. This Nation has thrived and survived for over 243 years, until the Election 0f 2020. When are we the people going to stand up and regain our National Heritage, our Freedoms, our Government. Look at what is being done at our Southern Border, our Nation is being invaded without a bullet, but the pen of our President. Our Rights of Citizenry are being given to those, who do not wish to become true citizens, but only take our benefits to better their lives at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE, it will be our Tax Dollars being given away without our right to say NO.

  2. Finally a group of democrats have tuned into the realty that their party has been taken over by a party that used to be no more then a token presence on ballots. They could not make it on their own so they Trojan horsed it into the democrat party. Once n the party they have systematically taken over. For awhile It was a clandestine operation but their power has grown to the point they no longer hide their agenda. They do ,however, still rely on the ignorant die hard “D” voters to support them. These brain dead faux partisans are a pathetic disgrace. The old democrat party is gone !!!!


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