Expanding the Nation’s Welfare State

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

Something awful is happening right under our noses, and most of us are so distracted with all-things-Biden that we’re about to miss it. 

That $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, the one that’s filled with unnecessary pork, has raised the child tax credit to $3000 per child (ages 6-17) and $3600 for children under six. To put this in perspective, the credit was (until this week) $2000 per child up to age 17. That’s a hefty jump. 

Not only that, existing work requirements have been lifted. All taxpayers who earn under $200k per year can claim the full credit if they have children 17 or younger living with them at least half of the year. 

Our not-so-favorite politicians have made these funds refundable and will start “paying back” parents in monthly installments of $300. 

Hold up. What’s really going on here? The government is suddenly very, very generous. (Oh, if only we actually had the money to help these families. Wouldn’t that be nice? But, we don’t. And, we shouldn’t.) 

The goal of the Biden administration, in my humble opinion, is an expanded welfare state. They want our families to be dependent on the government. 

But, why? Why would the government want to make people more dependent on them?

For the same reason they want to bring in multiplied millions of illegal immigrants and grant them amnesty. . .to win their favor, and ultimately, their votes. 

It’s that simple, and that complicated. 

We support you. You support us. 

Robert Rector, senior research fellow of domestic policy studies at the Heritage Foundation and a leading authority on poverty and welfare programs, said the child credit program would cost the country about $80 billion a year in cash outlays and about another $40 billion in tax reduction.

The problem is that “it’s unnecessary, and it’s counterproductive,” he said.

“It’s $80 billion on top of a half a trillion dollars that the United States currently spends on cash, food, housing, and medical care for low-income Americans,” he told The Epoch Times. “And that half a trillion dollars is roughly six or seven times the amount needed to completely abolish child poverty in the United States.” (Epoch Times)

There’s simply no way we can afford this. 

Rector believes that Biden is returning us to a policy of unconditional aid that is “extremely expensive but also very harmful to the poor themselves, because when you do that you’re pushing them toward the social margin.”

According to Rector, experiments in these sorts of programs show that for roughly every $1k given, there’s a loss of $660 in earnings.

He’s convinced Biden is trying to move us in the direction of a universal basic income. 

The sad part is, families will fall right into this trap. Because. . .you know. . .

Free money. 



  1. The Democratic party seems to want a Communistic state to take care of you cradle to grave. This was tried in the former Soviet Union and it failed . Time for the leaders to come clean and admit it to the people of the Country.


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