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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I passed by a strip center near my home—a really old one—and noticed they’re putting up a new façade on the outside. I have no idea if the inside is being reworked or not, but I got to thinking about how deceptive these external façades can be. If you don’t mind me getting a little spiritual on you, I would go so far as to say they’re the equivalent of what the Bible calls “whitewashed tombs” – cleaned up on the outside but the same old dead stench on the inside.  

This, of course, has me thinking about leftist policies. Democrats keep dressing them up and presenting them as something new, fresh, and exciting. They trot them back out, again and again, and hope we won’t notice they’re the same intrusive schemes from that last administration. And the one before that. And the one before that. 

In reality, they’re the same old stinky tombs that have been given a fresh coat of paint to look like something appealing. But if you lean in close, the smell will knock you off your feet. And if those policies become laws, the stench lingers for a lifetime. 

If The Left is really good at one thing, it’s taking rights away from people. So, they put a fresh face on an old policy meant to strip away our freedoms. And they hope we won’t notice. 

Such is the case with H.R. 5, a bill before the House at this time. This deceptively “inclusive” bill is anything but. It claims to be anti-discrimination in nature but is actually deeply discriminatory, targeting people of faith or anyone with deeply held beliefs that go against The Left’s narrative of gender. I find it offensive. . .and terrifying. (To learn more, check out Brock Benson’s two-part series: “Stop the So-Called Equality Act.”) 

There’s a stench on the inside of that whitewashed tomb. It further strips away our freedom of speech. (Oh, I know, I know. . .you didn’t think it was possible for Democrats to further invade your freedom of speech, but you were wrong!) 

This is their resounding theme: Democrats are keen on removing conservatives’ ability to speak out if their personal beliefs counteract the approved narrative. (Check out D.J. Neeley’s upcoming series titled “Stop the Spread” for more insight into The Left’s goal(s) attempts to spread their false narratives.) 

Sadly, half of the country can’t see past the façade. They don’t seem to notice the stench. I keep asking, “Why? Why don’t they see?” and “How? How can they not realize they’re being manipulated and cajoled into group-think?” 

The answer, my friends, is MSM (mainstream media) and Big Tech. They are the “why” and they are the “how.” Because these two entities are working in tandem with the Democrats, the leftist message is always presented to the public as the right/better option. 

And because conservatives are frequently labeled dangerous conspiracy theorists, it only makes sense that subservient sheep follow their liberal shepherds into the pen where they’re force-fed a group-think narrative. They buy it, hook, line, and sinker. 

It’s a façade. The goal from The Left has always been to take away our freedoms. They want bigger government and smaller people. The message hasn’t changed; only the outside of the building. It’s gotten a facelift in recent years, (i.e. Biden instead of Clinton or Obama) but everything else is exactly the same as it’s always been. 

We want to limit your speech.
We want to control your healthcare.
We want to tax you any amount we like.
We want to tell you what to believe.
We want to force you into submission.
We want you to conform into our likeness. . .or else. 

And we want to do all of that with your permission. 

We must fight this with every fiber of our being, conservatives. I’m done with these whitewashed tombs. I’m over the façades. 

We can no longer pretend this is anything other than an all-out invasion of our rights. 

I smell them coming. . .and they stink to high heaven. 


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