Final Election Challenge Dismissed by Supreme Court without Comment

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Lin Wood’s final Nov. 3rd election-related challenge (pdf) was dismissed by the highest court in the land on Monday morning. 

There was no comment from the court as this dismissal was made. Only the sentence: “The petitions of writs of mandamus are denied.”

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This was the last of many cases filed by Wood. An earlier suit filed in November was rejected by the Supreme Court in February. (That particular suit alleged multiple problems with how the election was conducted.) 

Since the election had already been decided (ahem) the court decided all such cases would be irrelevant. 

Wood has been booted from most Big Tech sites but is active on Telegram. He has not issued a statement or comment on Monday’s decision by the High Court. However, he did have this to say a couple of weeks back when an earlier case was rejected by the court:

“I know many have been waiting on me to comment about the actions (or inaction) by the U.S. Supreme Court today in the 2020 election cases.

I will not mince words, We The People who seek honest elections conducted under the rule of law lost. The enemy won.

Having spoken that truth, the Dissenting Opinion of Justice Clarence Thomas validates and confirms that the lawsuits pursued by Sidney Powell and me were based on legitimate issues of law. All accusations and proceedings seeking to penalize or “discipline” Sidney and me should be terminated as we raised important issues in those cases recognized by Justice Thomas. I agree with his Dissent. His rationale in the Pennsylvania case is directly on point with my Georgia case and Sidney’s cases in Michigan and Wisconsin.

But this legal battle is not about Sidney and me. It is about you and your right to rely on the rule of law, especially on the bedrock principle that we must have honest and legal elections.

I remain very concerned about the breakdown of the rule of law in our country.

I will not quit. As I have done in the past, so I will continue to do in the future. I will continue to exercise my right of free speech and my right to take lawful actions in courts and/or administrative proceedings to recognize and re-establish the rule of law in America.

Thank you for your support. Stay strong. Keep hope alive.”

It was good to have such strong fighters on the Trump team in the weeks and months following the November 3rd election. These brave souls took many proverbial bullets for him. And while they did not win this particular fight, they’ve more than proven that they’ve got a fighting spirit. If I should ever need anyone to come out swinging on my behalf, I know who to call.


  1. It is truly a sad day when the People of the United States cannot depend on the Supreme Court to her cases and issue a decision. Why bother with having a Supreme Court at all then?

  2. It is amazing that our Forefathers brought forth the superb idea of having a Nation that offered such things as the Freedom of Speech, of Religion, of the Right to bear arms, of the Right to “Lawful Assembly, that was over 243 years ago. Now we have 9 people who supposedly are seated in the Highest of All Courts, and all they want to do is place their personal opinions over the guidelines of our Laws and change them for whatever they feel is to be a revision to suit their specific ideology. In some cases, they decide not even to hear the true evidence or the voice of the citizens they are by Oath bound to represent. They have taken away our collective voice which is our right to Vote by existing laws, our Freedom of Religion, our Freedom of Speech, and many of our American customs, so we do not offend an ILLEGAL. They take an Oath that they are defend and support the Constitution of the United States of America, not to destroy what we have earned over the 243 years of our existence. That also goes for those 535, supposedly LEGALLY elected to our Halls of Congress. I must admit there are about 5 Democrats and 180 Republicans in Congress and 2 or 3 Democrats with about 40 Republicans in the Senate who believe in our Constitution. it is time that WE THE PEOPLE once again stand up to the Tyranny of those remaining DUMOCRATS and RINO’s who are supposedly seated into an official capacity of defending and protecting our Constitution, and our true legal Citizenry, you know we who are the honest true Taxpayer. We who believe that the United States of America is a place where a true born citizen or a naturalized citizen can stand up to the world and say “I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. It is now that after the Presidential Election of 2020, we are ashamed to be an American. Our National identity is being stripped away, without the full represented consent of WE THE PEOPLE.


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