Have we Lost the Supreme Court?

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D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

I can remember waiting with bated breath to hear decisions on important Supreme Court cases. You never knew how they might go. That was then. This is now. I hate to say we’ve reached that point where our Supreme Court decisions are predictable, but we have.

Here’s a classic example of how things used to be: 

Bush vs. Gore. The whole country watched and listened, spellbound. What would those nine justices say? What would they do? No one had any idea how that story would end, even the attorneys involved were clueless. The court held the power and they refused to be swayed by politics. Then came the stunner—Bush would take the prize. Many believed it would go the other way.

These days there’s no breath-holding. There’s only the speculation from most in the crowd that the decision was made even before the justices took their seats. And it’s getting harder and harder to argue that notion, isn’t it? 

There are always a few hopeful conservatives who refuse to believe that all three branches of our government might be operating in tandem.  But even those idealists among us are getting a little jaded now, because it’s becoming more apparent by the day—the court has tipped to The Left. 

Today, in a decision that surprised no one (except, perhaps, Sidney Powell), the Supreme Court dismissed all the various state challenges to the 2020 presidential election. Challenges that cost millions of dollars. Challenges that people from a variety of states placed a great deal of hope in. All of them. . .dismissed. As if they never had any bearing at all. 

Any decisions on these challenges were determined by the majority to be “moot” because the election had already been decided, and Donald Trump has conceded to Joe Biden. (Associate Justices Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch objected in varying degrees.) In other words, a stolen presidential election—if it happens, we don’t really know in this case—has an almost immediate statute of limitations, although the results of that election can affect hundreds of millions, if not, as in the case of the United States, nearly the entirety of humanity. (Roger Simon, Epoch Times)

And, there you have it, folks. Dismissed, not because the cases had no validity. (I, for one, believe they did.) No, they were dismissed because the election had already been “won” by Biden. Whether honestly or dishonestly, the right team had already taken the game, which meant there was no need to hear the losing team’s complaints.  

That would be like my youngest son coming to me with a bloody eye (given to him by his older brother) and me saying, “Well, the fight’s over now, son. I’m not going to hear your side of the story. Just forget about it. Oh, and clean up that bloodstain from the carpet.” 

Now we’re the kids with the bloody eye and the Supreme Court is dad. And, sadly, dad’s not listening. He’s not even acknowledging us. He’s just asking us to shut up, and clean up after ourselves. 

Here’s what Roger Simon, in an article with the Epoch Times, had to say about the court’s decision: 

We want lady justice to be blind but in actuality she’s a cyborg with all-seeing, rotating night vision similar to the kind you might find on many urban street corners today from Beijing to Chicago, using the latest algorithms to isolate presumed enemies of the state.

That about sums it up. So, here’s my question. Who sticks up for the underdogs? 

  • Big Tech won’t. 
  • The MSM (mainstream media) won’t. 
  • Our Congressmen and women won’t. 
  • Our new president won’t. 
  • The Supreme Court won’t. 

We’ve seen that they’re all sticking together, but they’re not sticking with us. So, where does that leave us? 


It leaves us together. And together is a very good place to be. We’ve got to keep forging ahead, conservatives. It’s wholly unfair, all of it. But underdogs have faced worse over the centuries and have come out ahead in the end. 

One thing is for sure—we won’t win if we give up. So, we have to stick together, stay strong, and keep our heads in the game. And we’ve got to vote more conservatives into the Congress, so that at least one branch of government sits up and takes notice that we’re still here. 



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