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I was wrong once before. 

Okay, twice. 

But I’m thinking of a specific time, when my daughter was expecting a baby. I was 100% sure she was having a girl. We hosted a gender reveal party and I was on “Team Pink” because I was so, so sure we had a darling baby girl on the way. 

I was wrong. When those streamers filled the air, they were all blue. Every single one. 

It might’ve been that same day I said to my daughter, “I believe this baby is going to be the sweetest, easiest of the crew.” (Her two older children were pretty feisty!) I was wrong about that, too. Turns out, baby boy made the oldest two look like saints. 

So, I’ve been wrong before. And I’ve been happy to admit it. 

When it comes to the results of this presidential election, though, I’m having a harder time admitting it. I just can’t shake the notion that there were irregularities that should have led to a different outcome. 

I researched for weeks. Gathered stories. Read zillions of articles. Followed every hearing. Watched every statistician. Followed the various lawsuits. I knew in my gut that Trump won the election and that, somehow, the other team had set him up. And, like millions of other conservatives, I had an undying hope that all of this would be proven before January 20th

Like I said, I’ve been wrong before. Maybe I missed it this time, too. But, there’s no gender reveal (er, Deep State-reveal) to prove me right or wrong this time. So, it might be some time before I settle this issue in my heart. 

Maybe you’re having a hard time settling it, too. That’s okay. Even if we never prove those gut instincts right, we know how to move forward. 

We are conservatives. We’re not crazy. We’re not violent. We’re none of the things they’re making us out to be. We’re just normal people who believe in small government and big people. We work hard, we abide by our values, and we love our country. 

We also love Trump because he “gets” us. We love his policies, his passion, and his undying affection for America. And we’ll go on loving those things about him, even if Big Tech tries to convince us we’re not allowed to. 

By the way, this might be a good time to admit I was once wrong about Trump, too. Back in 2016 I had a doozie of a time voting for him. He wasn’t my guy. 

He’s my guy now. And even though he’s in Mar-a-Lago, I suspect he’ll go on being “our guy” for a while, until we can figure out the next stage of this conservative journey. 

I can tell you who’s not my guy. I’m going to have to swallow hard and grit my teeth a lot over the next four years as I ponder more Obama-like policies from the new administration. They almost wrecked me before, so I can’t even imagine how they will affect me this time around. 

But I won’t let them affect me psychologically. I’ll keep a positive outlook and keep my sites on 2022 and 2024. And, in the meantime, I’ll keep the divisive rhetoric to a minimum because I genuinely do want to see the rifts healed between broken families and communities. 

We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that conservatives are ever hopeful. We’re not prone to despair and we don’t give up easily. So, whether I got it right or wrong. . .I’ll be here, a smile on my face, and hope in my heart. 

I hope I can count on you to link arms with me as we face this latest journey together. 



  1. Dear Annie: I wish I had your upbeat attitude and positive outlook; but alas, I do not! I’m in raging despair. I won’t be able to watch television or even listen to the “news” for at least four years, and perhaps beyond, given that I know in my gut that the liberals now have the means to effect the same disaster on us each and every election that sets in motion those dastardly voting machines! We all know (and the libs know as well) who REALLY won the 2020 election! They’re laughing all the way to the bank. And there goes, out the White House windows, any hope of actually bringing to justice those in the Deep State who are moles for our enemies. And we have to stand by and watch it all disintegrate, and be silent! Those who cannot will simply be run to ground by the hounds of the liberal radicals under the guise of “unity.” January 20 of this new year will go down as the beginning of the end of liberty.

    • It’s so easy to give in to despair, but I’m doing my best to keep thinking positively! I have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. I’m determined to do the best I can to leave them the healthiest American that I can! I’m 62 years old and have lived a great life as an American citizen. I want the same for them! So, I won’t give up….but I TOTALLY get where you’re coming from!

  2. President Trump has managed, with wit and charm and a vast intelligence, to think light years ahead of his opponents. We know who they are; the political establishment, left and right who are trading this Republic for their individual and collective benefit-called power and influence and criminally-gained wealth. Abetted by much too powerful world-order techno geeks and corporate leaders. Trump is not going away. 100 million or more Patriots will eagerly participate in building an unstoppable 3rd American Party, led by President Trump. Call it the Patriotic Party. I’m already in, along with about everyone with a little courage I talk to. And…President Trump will plan, finance and lead a media platform which cannot be silenced or cancelled.

  3. You hit all the high points. I will continue to do my best to educate my children & grandchildren to uphold our Constitution and pray for our leaders that they will do what is right for America and not their bank accounts!!


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