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Good evening, kiddos! Aunt Annie here! I hope all is well in your quarantine center home state. Your Uncle Ollie and I stayed home today to watch the cringe-worthy inspiring Inauguration of our 46th President, Sleepy Joe Joseph Biden. To be honest, we thought it was kind of a dud remarkably unifying performance event.  We were so horrified surprised to discover we could watch it on all of the Leftist media news channels! I can’t remember the last time I saw anything by President Trump that racist xenophobe on a Deep State Mainstream channel! How rare refreshing, not to have to search for a real radical, right-wing news station for a change!

First, what was the deal with all of the National Guardsmen? Er, women. Er, gender-neutral people in uniform? I mean, Uncle Ollie said there were 25,000 of them but only 2000 guests. Do you know why, by any chance? We’ve been talking about that all day! If that’s true, it means there were 10 guards for every guest! Can you imagine how smart our school kids would be if we only had ten children per teacher in the indoctrination centers classrooms? 

Uncle Ollie was really confused by that one woman—the one with the big gold bird on her chest. Princess Lea, right? Star Wars? I still remember the first time we saw that movie when Ollie and I were dating! This gal gender-neutral person has a different name, though. Wish I could remember it. I think she must be British because she’s a Lord or a Lady or something like that. Uncle Ollie looked her up on that propaganda center Internet-thing and found a picture of her dressed in meat. No kidding. . .meat! She must be really strange hungry. 

I felt so sad for that man who should have won the Democrat nomination in 2016 and 2020 Bernie Sanders! He looked so sad and lonely excited to be there! Wish I could say the same for Hillary’s husband, Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend Bill Clinton. I think he actually fell asleep gave a rousing cheer while Biden was droning on speaking with such enthusiasm! 

I searched everywhere in the crowd for our real President, Donald Trump. Now there’s a true Patriot the person who is responsible for all of the evil in the world. But it turns out he was hanging out with thousands of his fans in Florida MIA. Can’t blame him. Odd. 

The whole thing seemed a little odd spectacular to me, if I’m being honest. Like, that part where Justice Sotomayor mispronounced Kamela Kemela Comma-la Kamala’s name. And all that plexiglass! Crazy. Safe. And was it just me, or did Biden’s helper wife have to guide him from place to place?  

I missed seeing beautiful Melania the woman no one talks about. Remember that gorgeous blue suit she wore four years ago? I never could figure out why the Leftist media ignored such a beautiful and intelligent woman useless person for the past four years. 

Uncle Ollie said that the CCP wonderful Chinese leader posted a note on that site that hates Trump Twitter. Can you believe he actually said: “Good Riddance Donald Trump” and that completely biased unbiased Twitter-person let him! 

There was one high point in our day. Sleepy Joe the President who won more votes than any other President in our nation’s history spoke these hypocritical inspiring words: My whole soul is in this, bringing America together, uniting our people, uniting our nation, and I ask every American to join me in this cause.” 

It’s probably best if I don’t tell you what Uncle Ollie said to that. But I will tell you that he loved it when that one pretty lady in the white suit sang that politically-motivated song “This Land is Your Land” in Spanish. He doesn’t actually speak Spanish but told me it’s sure to impress those migrant caravans on their way to the border right now. Since she told them, “This Land is Your Land,” they’re probably going to walk even faster to get here! 

No worries about that border wall racist barricade, though! Our new White House resident President has already signed an executive order to stop building it ASAP. So, they can come on in and make themselves at home, along with those 11 million illegal immigrants! 

It’s probably for the best if I don’t tell you what Uncle Ollie said about that, either. 

Anyway, it was a bizarre remarkable event, one we thoroughly dreaded loved every minute of! I would share more, but Uncle Ollie wants me to turn on a video of the real President that horrible misogynist, homophobe violence-instigator Donald Trump greeting his fans terrorist followers in Florida. 

Too-da-loo, all! Stay strong during while this Leftist regime new administration locks us down leads the way into a bright new gender-free future! 


  1. Our way of life is coming to an end, and many people around the country are so happy that we will soon go the way of Venezuela–once proud, once healthy, once a light in the world, once a role model of a free Republic, last bastion of hope for those masses willing to come to us through the legal process, soon to be reduced to rubble, overrun by more people than we can possibly feed! And they can be proud that we did it to ourselves–under the guise of “liberty.” Tragic! Where does an “American” go, when America is no longer the “land of the free and home of the brave,” but becomes the “band of the thieves and home of the grave?”

    • I had this discussion with a family member just the other day! I’m going to keep standing strong and praying for a turn-around! Usually when the pendulum swings one direction it eventually swings back the other way, simply out of momentum. We shall see!

  2. WOW! . . . What TRUTH! What INSIGHT! – what a SWAMP we’re living in. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (it AIN’T Going away!).

  3. I appreciate the update. I didn’t waste my time watching any of this swamp rat ego stroking. As far as I am concerned, Sleepy Joe is not my president. Never will be.


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