My Politically Correct Letter to Governor Cuomo


Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot 

Dear dishonorable ex-Governor Cuomo, 

Let me begin by telling you that I think you’re a sorry excuse for a fine Governor and definitely worthy of that ridiculous Emmy award for “best performance in a pandemic.” If anyone deserves an award for acting, it’s you. 

This is especially true, now that I’ve heard about your horrible displays of sexual harassment flirtatious behaviors with the women gender-neutral people working beneath with you. I was telling my husband Ollie all about it and he thinks you’re a real piece of work good man who is completely misunderstood. We definitely both think you should quit your job immediately offer another excuse for why you plan to stay in office. Don’t give up, no matter what. 

I’m afraid I lost all respect for you when I heard about that horrible stunt understandable move your team pulled, changing their story about the thousands who died needlessly nursing home fiasco. Does it bother your conscience when you think about those poor people who passed away? I can’t imagine what must have motivated you to send sick people back into nursing homes to infect others. I’m horrified by it all. 

Nothing seems to phase you, though. You still seem as pompous genuine as ever. That ridiculous story you told about how your father raised you to be sexually aggressive outwardly affectionate with those you greet? Sickening. Primo. Greeting men and women with a kiss might’ve been dad’s way to say “Hello,” but times are changing, Governor. No more “How do you do, give me a smackaroo.” That’ll get you fired these days. It could also land you behind bars. 

But, hey, if anyone should know about political correctness, it’s you, right? You are Governor of one of the most left-leaning open-minded states. Maybe if you’d spent less time with the “Orange Man Bad” speeches and more time actually taking care of your people, you wouldn’t be in this jam. 

Then again, you can’t go on blaming President Trump that racist, xenophobic, misogynist ex-president for the problems in your state now that he’s been voted out of office. It’s all on you now, Governor. So, be a man and step up. Admit what you’ve done. Come clean. Then, for the love of all that’s holy, please get the heck out of Dodge resign. And while you’re at it, take your Emmy with you. 

Yours very sincerely, 

Annie Peterson



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