No News is Good News

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I remember going to the doctor when I was in my mid-twenties. My symptoms were perplexing and the doctor decided to run a battery of tests to figure out what was going on. Back in those days you couldn’t check your results online, and you didn’t always get a phone call unless the doctor felt the need to tell you something awful in person. 

So, I asked, “When will I know?”

And the doctor responded, “No news is good news.”

It was the first time I’d ever heard that phrase.

My phone never rang, so I had to assume it was good news. (Though, a call would’ve been nice to put my mind at ease.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about that phrase, “No news is good news” today for some reason. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed with all of the negativity and angst. No matter which channel you watch, no matter which social media post you read, someone is always angry. Some crisis is always looming. Someone is always blaming someone else. 

And, frankly, I’m weary with it all.  

So, I’ve decided to go with the “no news” approach, meaning:

  • I’m doing my best not to hyper-focus on what the Democrats are doing during this impeachment trial. 
  • I’m ignoring Biden’s 450,000 Executive Orders.
  • I’m not drowning myself in tears as I think about what our government has become. 
  • I’m trying not to think about certain letters of the alphabet, like CDC, WHO, or AOC. 
  • I’m pinching my eyes shut when liberal media outlets flit across my TV screen. 
  • I’m trying to keep my faith in God and not in government. 

Instead of staying glued to the news:

  • I’m hyper-focusing on my health. (I’m on a weight loss kick.) 
  • I’m paying more attention to my house. (I’m doing some fun projects and organizing.) 
  • I’m craving more time with the kids and grandkids. (And making a point not to talk politics when we’re together.) 
  • I’m baking more, writing more, and spending more time walking my dogs. 
  • I’m living in the moment, not fretting over the things I can’t control. 

It’s not that I’m avoiding the obvious. I know it’s out there. I haven’t forgotten who’s sitting in the Oval Office or who’s taken control of our Congress. But I can’t undo any of that right now. 

Here’s what I can do. I can remind myself that there really is “good news” out there. It’s right in front of me every day:

  • In my granddaughter’s smile
  • In my neighbor’s “Hello”
  • In my friend’s invitation to lunch
  • In my pastor’s sermon
  • In that song on the radio 
  • In my little dog’s antics
  • In my own heart

If I’m consumed with the folks in D.C. then I will never see the good that’s right in front of me. I’ll only see what the media and Big Tech want me to see. And trust me, all they want me to see is the bad:

  • Only the bad
  • Always the bad
  • Only the crisis
  • Always the crisis

But the sun is shining. (Well, where I live, anyway.) My mortgage is paid. My car is running. My refrigerator is full. My heart is full. 

I’m freed up to think about the positive things in my life and that’s a lovely way to live. 

So, I guess my doctor was right all along: No news really is good news.


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