Pa-Rum Pum Pum Pum: The #Walkaway Drum

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

About a year ago I started hearing rumblings about a new group started by a man named Brandon Straka. He called it the #walkaway campaign. The goal? To give former left-leaning folks a place to call home once they saw the light. 

I decided to research Brandon to discover more about his story. Turned out, he was a liberal in a past life, a democratic party supporter who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. He went through a crisis of faith (as it were) and decided to walk away from that party a couple years back. By way of announcement, Brandon made a video and posted it online. That video went viral and has now been viewed nearly a million times. Out of that one video came an entire social movement. 

Brandon is now a polarizing figure—loved by the right and taunted by the left. He often appears on news shows like justice with Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson, and other conservative sites and is a loud pro-Trump voice. He has permanently walked away from a life of liberalism and encourages others who are disillusioned to do the same. 

I listened to (the ever-amazing) Candace Owens share about her participation in the group and I became interested in learning more. When I saw they had a Facebook group, I decided to join it. 

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the group ended up being one of the biggest pre-election morale boosters ever. Filled with cheerleaders galore, the #walkaway campaign was just the ticket for incoming walkaways, as well older, more established Republicans like myself. Long-term conservatives call themselves walkwiths. Newbies are walkaways. 

People in the #walkaway campaign are encouraged to either submit a video testimonial or written post telling their walkaway story. I particularly loved reading the stories from the newbies. Most tore my heart out—many of these poor people lost parents, children, siblings, best friends, even jobs over their decision to vote for Donald Trump. They were threatened, cajoled, harassed, and even physically attacked. 

And yet, they persevered. 

I was wowed by their tenacity, their passion, and their joy, in spite of the pain. And I was mesmerized by the diversity! The place was buzzing with folks from different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different ideologies. But they all had one thing in common: they loved America, they found a hero in Donald Trump, and they were happy to finally get past the spoon-fed deception of the mainstream media and big tech companies. 

I wondered what would cause people to leave the political party they had always been a part of. After a few weeks in the group I got my answer. I’d started to notice a common theme in the introductory videos/posts. They would go something like this:

I grew up in a Democrat household. I was always told that’s what we had to be because (fill in the blank with color, economic status, sex, etc.) I never questioned this. I didn’t really know that much about the Democrat platform but followed the crowd. I hated Donald Trump because the media told me to. Then came the summer of 2020 when the riots broke out. I started really looking at what was going on and was shocked when I learned the truth. 

And that was the common thread: “…when the riots broke out” and “shocked when I learned the truth.” 

In order to control America, leftists have to create anarchy. To create anarchy, they need people to be angry and afraid. For people to be angry and afraid, they have to believe that they’re in danger. And to make people feel in danger, the left has to constantly lie to them.
Brandon Straka

Many Democrats saw what their party had deteriorated into and couldn’t believe it. How could their very own members tear down statues and burn down cities? How could they take over whole blocks in downtown cities? How could they create and maintain a false narrative about the sitting president of the United States of America? How did they get away with all of that?

Still others told gut-wrenching stories about breakups with elderly parents who have decided never to speak to them again. You could hear the agony in their voices. They are completely broken. . .and yet stronger than they have ever been and more passionate about saving this country from socialism. 

This is the power of the #walkaway campaign. There, in the midst of the crowd, you can see hope on every face. And these days, hope is a very valuable commodity. 

In seeing the truth about the Democrats, I saw the truth about Donald Trump — a man who knew for many, many years everything I had just discovered. The man who gave up living in peace and luxury with his beautiful wife and family to fight against the forces of darkness trying to destroy America. And this is why the left-wing media set forth to destroy him and attack his character. In telling the truth about what I had discovered, I lost nearly every friend I had.



  1. While I didn’t walk away from the Democrat party, I was anti Trump for the reason I thought the media gave him so much free publicity so he would win the Republican nomination, then lose the election. But then I started watching what he was doing, and not listening to some of the things I wish he hadn’t said. It soon became obvious that he was working FOR THE PEOPLE and against the “swamp”, the media, and all of the other organizations that are for themselves and not the people of this country.

  2. An excellent read – one that has invoked excitement down to my core. This is the first I’ve learned of this movement, and yes, I’m heartbroken to learn of the sorrow so many endure because of their new found knowledge and disillusionment. So many people, myself included, keep their mouths shut unless they are positive they are speaking to a like minded individual. We do so out of fear of being ridiculed, of being berated, of becoming an outcast, of losing our jobs, friends, neighbors and yes, even family members, or worse, our lives. However, more and more of us are coming out of the woodwork to be more vocal and the more vocal we become the more passionate we become. I for one have never given up hope and continue to believe that somehow, someway, President Trump will be the one sworn in on January 20. If he isn’t, Lord help us all! President Trump is truly an amazing individual and patriot. I’d love to shake his hand one day, look him in he eye and tell him how I feel and how very proud I am to call him my commander and chief.


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