Presumption of Innocence? Will Trump Get a Fair Trial?

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

In America, you’re presumed innocent until you’re proven guilty. 

Unless you’re Donald Trump, of course. There’s zero presumption of innocence for him. . .or for anyone who every voted for him. We see proof of this in the media coverage, in Big Tech censorship, and in the statements released from elected officials on The Left. 

Trump: Guilty. 

Trump supporters: Guilty by association. 

The lack of presumption is, I’m afraid, going to taint this upcoming impeachment trial, which is kicking off in the Senate, even as we speak.  

As I look at this upcoming circus of a trial, I keep wondering: “How does this work when they’ve already decided he’s guilty?” They have, of course, and there’s no denying it. But how does an already-assumed-guilty man come out of this unscathed? 

This has consumed my thoughts today. I want to fix this for President Trump, but how? 

Maybe. . .

  • I could argue that more and more evidence is coming out, showing that the “insurrection” was planned long in advance of Trump’s “inciteful” speech. 
  • I could remind his accusers of the many, many, many times Democrats have incited (and approved of) violence, even encouraging folks to bail out the ones burning down businesses and attacking innocent people.  
  • I could replay Trump’s speech and ask them to point out the exact references where he told people to mob and kill. (Hint: he didn’t.) 
  • I could remind them that there really is evidence election fraud, which is the real reason people were gathered in D.C. on January 6th, to make their voices heard about an election that they believed was stolen. 
  • I could remind Republicans that they are causing more division in the Republican party by pushing this circus forward.  
  • I could show the Senate members their odds for pushing this fake impeachment through.  (Hint: 0%)
  • I could remind them that we put them in office to speak for us and most Americans do not want to see Trump impeached. Again. 
  • I could also remind them that they tried this impeachment thing once before and failed miserably. If they’re not careful, they’re just going to come off looking spiteful. Oh, wait. . .they already do. 
  • And, finally. . .I would ask this question: “Is it even legal to impeach a former president?” 

Apparently, Trump’s attorneys don’t think so. On Monday Trump’s lawyers filed a written argument stating the trial is “political theater” and that it’s unconstitutional to impeach a former president. 

This hasn’t stopped the Democratic Impeachment managers, who have stated their thoughts on the Constitutional dilemma: “Framers’ intent, the text of the Constitution, and prior Congressional practice all confirm that President Trump must stand trial for his constitutional crimes committed in office.”

Might be time to go back and read that document one more time, fellas. 

And while you’re at it, give the Bill of Rights a close look. Because, if you’re being honest, you’ll have to admit that Trump had a perfect right to express his opinion about perceived election fraud on January 6th

It was his 1st amendment right. 

Now there’s a right that conservatives are losing right and left. But I suppose that’s an article for another day. Just know that I’ll be rooting for Trump this week and that millions of his supporters are praying that this kangaroo court will be exposed to be the circus that we already know it is. 



  1. They have already declared him guilty if he does not testify against the law as he can plead the 5th. How about those spewing hate and rebellion in the House and Senate. When they are all charged then I will feel they can have a fair trial only then.


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