Putin Challenges President Biden to Live Debate

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

I think it would be fair to say our new President and President Vladimir Putin of Russia aren’t playing nice. Biden has been hyper-focused on dancing with China, but won’t even turn on the music for Russia. 

Why? Because there’s a (false, carefully manipulated) narrative out there that Trump and Russia are intrinsically linked. So, if Trump is associated with it, it must be bad. Anything the Biden administration can do to make Putin look bad, they’re happy to do, no matter how hard you have to rewrite the story to get the narrative to fit.

Putin’s a bit, well, put off over a recent statement Biden made about Putin being a killer. He wants a chat with our new President, and not behind closed doors. No, he’s got a different sort of plan. He has challenged Biden to a “let’s face the people and have this out” kind of chat. 

Dmitry Peskov (spokesman for Putin) explained that the point of making the call public would be to prevent Biden’s statement from inflicting irreparable damage to the already-frayed ties.

“Since Biden’s words were quite unprecedented, unprecedented formats can’t be excluded,” Peskov said. “President Putin proposed to discuss the situation openly because it would be interesting for the people of both countries.”

Here’s what he had to say just a few days back: 

‘I want to invite President Biden to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it actually live.”

This might be a good time to add that he’s not the only one waiting for Biden to speak. The American people have yet to hear his SOTU (State of the Union) address. And a full-blown press conference? The kind where the press asks questions and he responds with real answers? Yeah, we haven’t really had one of those, either. 

Sure, he sat town in a carefully plotted, one-on-one chat with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday. But even then, our new president got some of his facts wrong, as CNN (self-appointed fact-checkers since the Trump days) were quick to point out. 

So, taking Joe off-script? Probably not gonna happen anytime soon. When he does go down a rabbit trail he often says things that get a little screwy. 

The end result of his latest comments: Russia’s not happy. And they had quite the response. They pointed to the U.S.’s history of slavery, slaughtering Native Americans, and the atomic bombing of Japan in WWII in an “it takes on to know one” response. 

I would add, (and maybe this is just me), that Biden and Harris’s late-term abortion and even post-birth abortion policies are deadly to millions every year. But I guess that’s a discussion for another day.

On Friday reporters asked Biden if he planned to speak to Putin. 

He responded, “I’m sure we’ll talk at some point.” 

Am I the only one who thinks it should probably be sooner, not later? 

And am I the only one who wants to make a list of the atrocities going on in China, including the harvesting of organs from people who’ve (allegedly) been murdered by the government because their political beliefs don’t line up with that country’s narrative?  

That, too, is a discussion for another day. But, for now I do hope Biden gets over his “I’ve got to make Trump look bad” mentality and does the right thing. I don’t think Putin is a guy you really want to keep waiting. 



  1. Debate between Putin and Biden ? Wow, would be great if it were to happen . Putin would eat Biden alive and Biden wouldn’t even know what happened.


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