Rasmussen Reports: Americans Support Voter ID Laws

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

A new poll came out of Rasmussen on Wednesday showing that 75% of Americans support voter ID laws. In a fascinating twist, 60% of Democrats and 89% of Republicans support this idea. 

According to the poll, three out of four Americans voters believe a photo ID should be mandatory. This might include a driver’s license or state ID. 77% voiced support for voter ID requirements. 

Broken down across the various ethnicities, the poll looked like this: 

74% of whites

69% of blacks

82% of other minorities

…all said that they would support requiring voter ID. 

So, here’s my question: If the overwhelming majority of American voters believe in voter ID, why don’t the politicians? 

It’s a legitimate question. The voters want it. The politicians don’t. 

That’s kind of like saying the homeowners want locks on the door but the burglars don’t. 

Something just doesn’t add up here. 

I do find it ironic that the Rasmussen poll also showed that the number of people supporting voter ID has gone up over the past few years. No doubt this past election cycle has voters looking for a change. I know I am. We’ve got to guard the election process as never before or we will reach the point where our votes count for nothing. 

Actually, we might have already passed that point. 

When asked if they believed voter ID laws were discriminatory, 60% of American voters said no. 31% said yes. 

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how requiring an ID is discriminatory. Unless, of course, they’re wanting to encourage voting among illegal immigrants. 

Suddenly I’m starting to see what wasn’t adding up before. 

So, it’s racist to ask for ID. Only, when I go to update the registration on my car I have to show it. And to get into my grandkid’s school I have to show it. And if I get pulled over by an officer I have to show it. 

Are all of those people, places, and organizations discriminating against me by asking? And, since when did asking for ID have anything to do with race? 

Of course, the reason this topic is so relevant now is because of the HR-1 bill, which made it through the House and is now in the Senate. This bill permits the “use of sworn written statement to meet identification requirements.” If this bill passes, states could no longer require ID for voting. They would have to accept these affidavits, instead. 

“I am who I say I am! You can believe it.” 

That will soon take the place of a photo ID, if the Democrats have their way. 

Now things are really adding up. The burglar’s at the door and not only are there no locks, there’s a “C’mon it, we’ve been waiting for you!” sign posted. 

I hope our conservative senators will fight this bill with everything that’s inside of them. I’ve got a long list of reasons why I can’t support HR-1, (as a taxpayer and as a conservative). But this voter ID thing? It’s the straw that has officially broken this camel’s back. 



  1. Here in Illinois ,It is discrimination. My issue s that I got a free voter id in the mail!

    So, do I sue the system for discriminating against me? Or sue the entire system here in illiinois! There is issues here that the demons need to understand!


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