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Until a few months ago, I’m not sure I’d ever heard of Right Side Broadcasting Network. It wasn’t until after November 3rd when other networks refused to cover President Trump, that I stumbled across it. I was so grateful to find a network that refused to bow to political correctness. They are few and far between these days. (And sometimes the ones you think are safe turn out to be just like the rest.)

Since November, I have watched many, many live shows and I have to tell you, folks. . .Right Side is on the right side. They’re covering all sorts of events that absolutely no other networks cover—from Trump’s rally in Georgia on December 5th to the upcoming CPAC (Conservative Political Action) conference, to the election fraud hearings in the various battleground states. . .they always seem to be there, representing. In some cases, they are the only ones there. (Kudos for daring to go where no man—er, network—has gone, RSBN!) I was particularly grateful for their coverage of the impeachment trial. And I notice they’re keeping a close eye on the goings-on in California with the efforts to recall Governor Newson. 

The network has only been around since 2015 but is already making a big difference in how—and what—people see. While other news outlets would show snippets of a Trump rally, for instance, RSBN would show it in full so that everything could be seen and heard in context. As we learned on January 6th, this is particularly critical right now, when sound bites rule the day and any story can be shaped to fit the bite. Having the full text can mean the difference between being impeached or being acquitted. 

Most important, RSBN keeps on covering Trump and his supporters, even though multiple outlets seemed to have banned him for good. It still shocks me to think that I live in a country where any news network would refused to cover an American president. (Can you imagine if ABC, NBC, or CBS had refused to cover Nixon? Or Jimmy Carter? Or Reagan?) 

What’s happening is unprecedented. And I’ve said for weeks now that the only solution is for conservatives to begin to build their own platforms, their own hosting sites, their own media outlets. It’s the only way we’re truly going to see what’s going on out there. If we had to rely on any of the traditional MSM stations we would all be Democrats right now, but they would surely have won us over with their gaslighting. 

But we haven’t been won over and we want (and deserve) to know what’s really going on. So, we tune into channels like RSBN because we can trust them. They report from the “Right side” perspective to a right-side crowd. And I don’t know about you, but I want to stay on the right side, especially now. 

To watch any of RSBN’s clips of President Trump, go here


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