Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Fraud Document to General Public

Photo courtesy @markuswinkler

Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot 

In a shocking move on Saturday, December 26th, attorney Sidney Powell released a 270-page pdf document detailing fraud and foreign interference in the 2020 Presidential election. The document, seen by many as explosive, hit the web after multiplied attempts in the courts failed to get the desired result. No doubt Sidney and Team hope the public will rally and demand justice. 

The document includes first-hand testimony from whistleblowers, as well as detailed information about the potential for voter machine fraud and cybersecurity issues. In my humble opinion it’s worth the price of the ticket (free!) just to read the Table of Contents. 

Broken down, it looks like this:

Iranian Election Interference
DHS Designation of Election Systems
Documentation on Maduro Regime’s Role in Fraudulent Elections
Report on Russian Interference
Antrim County (Michigan) Forensics Report (Russell James Ramsland’s Detailed Report of Voter Irregularities in Antrim Co.)
                  His conclusion that the results in Antrim County Weren’t Certifiable
                  Classification of Ballots (explained)
                  Votes Requiring Adjudication
                  Lack of Update of System
                  Documentation of Missing Server Security Logs from Nov. 4th.
                  Proof of Tampering with Data
                  Proof that the Machines Can be Connected to the Internet
                  Bulk Adjudication Potential
                  DNI Responsibilities
                  Compelling Affidavit Regarding Inherent Vulnerabilities in Smartmatic Machines
                  Breakdown of How the Examinations Were Done
                  Specific Proofs of Fraud
                  Photos of Machines
                  Server Overview and Summary
                  Proof the Machines were Behind on Updates
                  EMS Workflow Graphs
                  Conclusions: Foreign Interference
                  Software/Firmware Issues
Presidential Authorities
Documentation of Prior Concerns about Software/Machines
Peter Navarro’s Report, (The Immaculate Deception)
               For a complete explanation and breakdown of the Navarro Report, see The Immaculate Deception: Breaking Down Peter Navarro’s Election Irregularities Report

The Table of Contents is more detailed than that, but it covers everything from vulnerability of the machines to actual eye-witness accounts (from poll watchers and others). There are pages and pages of redacted matter, but if you look closely you’ll see beyond all of that and realize just how fraudulent this election really was. 

In my humble opinion, the courts were remiss in ignoring this mountain of evidence from Sidney Powell and her team. I believe it really is the “kraken” she had promised us. It’s scary, in retrospect, that these 270 pages didn’t even get more than a glance from our courts. 

Something is very wrong with this picture, folks. 

Hold tight to this document. Who knows how long it will be available. Grab it while you can and share it with naysayers. 



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