Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Today this photo on Twitter spoke about 10,000 to me.

Remember all of those repulsive tweets and posts about Trump caging children at the border? Remember how we conservatives argued that The Left was greatly exaggerating and embellishing the story? 

This tweet proved, once and for all, that folks on The Left have one narrative for Donald Trump and another for Biden. When Trump held children at the border (in the hopes of reuniting them with their parents), the media called it, “kids in cages.” 

Biden’s doing the same thing, of course, because these children have to be kept safe somewhere while they’re waiting to be re-connected with their families. Only, now The Left has completely changed their narrative. The kids are still in detention centers, but look at how the MSM is wording them: “overflow facilities.” 

That sounds so much nicer than “kids in cages,” right?

Only, it’s exactly the same thing. 

The really scary part is, I know a lot of left-leaners who will read this and not make the connection at all. 

Scary, ain’t it?  


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