Stop the Spread: Trump Addresses False Narratives from the Left – PART ONE


D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

We’ve spent the past week talking about stopping the spread of lies from the Left, (how to counter their false narratives.” Obviously, this isn’t a subject we can fully cover in just an article or two. It might take weeks. Okay, months. 

Trump spoke at the recent CPAP conference and had a few things to say about Biden’s first weeks in office. (Would you expect any less?) Like the rest of us, President Trump is already weary with the false narratives. It’s going to take a couple of different articles to cover the many lies he debunked, so look for PART TWO following this one. 

Here are just a few false narratives that Trump addressed in his Sunday speech: 

Special Interests: Trump reiterated that there really are special interest groups that have one motive in mind: to silence conservatives. 

The Fake News Media: It just wouldn’t be a Trump speech if he didn’t use the words “fake news,” now would it? And, would we want him to ignore this one? It was the crucible of his term in office. . .the Left’s one true way to get to him. And to us. So, of course he had to call them out on it, once again. 

Radicalism and Socialism: Democrats would have us believe that they’re “not really socialists,” but we know that’s a false narrative. They are tipping more in that direction than we ever dreamed. Trump was quick to cover Biden’s tight turn to the Left. Even he seemed shocked at just how Left Biden’s been willing to tip. 

Energy: Boy, did Trump hit hard on this one! He believes it’s 100% false to think that wind and solar power are cheaper and/or easier on the environment. He spoke of the recent fiasco during “the big freeze” in Texas. What a mess! 

The crisis at the border: Biden and his people would have us believe there is no crisis, but Trump spend several minutes debunking that false narrative. Because he couldn’t resist, President Trump threw in the words, “illegal immigration,” and added: Perhaps worst of all, Joe Biden’s decision to cancel border security has single handedly launched a youth migrant crisis that is enriching child smugglers, vicious criminal cartels, and some of the most evil people on the planet.”

The China Virus: It wouldn’t be a typical Trump event if he didn’t use that phrase at least once. He will do away with the narrative that this had nothing to do with China if it’s the last thing he does. 

Closed Schools: Trump totally believes (and I agree) that kids need to be back in school. Period. Biden might be carrying on the narrative that the risk is too high, but thousands of districts are back in full swing and the kids (as a whole) are doing far better than the adults. Here’s what President Trump had to say on this topic:  “They’re cheating the next generation of Americans out of the future that they deserve. And they do deserve this future. They’re going to grow up and they’re going to have a scar. It’s a scandal of the highest order and one of the most graven acts by any president in our lifetimes.”

Head on over to PART TWO to see the rest of the false narratives that our amazing President Trump covered in his CPAC speech. 



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