Stop with the White Supremacy Accusations, Please

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

I saw a news article this morning about “the problem of White Supremacy in the ranks of the U.S. Military.” If the article is to be believed, it’s a “real problem.” Of course, the article was quick to assume that these so-called supremacists are “likely” linked to Trump. 

Anything they can do to blame Trump and his supporters. . .they will. 

Look, I know lots of people who voted for President Trump. Hundreds. Possibly even thousands, if you count social media acquaintances. (I pause to reflect on the fact that stating that aloud will likely get me investigated. Is there coming a day when I will have to turn over that list?) 

But I digress. . .

  • I know a ton of Trump supporters. . .but I don’t know one White Supremacist. 
  • I know lots of people in the military. . .but I don’t know one who’s a White Supremacist. 
  • I know a lot of Trump supporter who thought there were irregularities in the 2020 presidential election. . .but I couldn’t name even one who’s a White Supremacist. 

These words “White Supremacist” are really trending right now, but I, for one, think it’s time to stop. They are hateful, hurtful, accusatory words being used against Trump supporters, meant to be divisive. And when you write articles making assumptions that Trump supporters are racists/White Supremacists, you sweep with a very broad brush.  

We’re not White Supremacists. . .and it’s time to let go of that particular accusation. Or, at the very least, limit it to the people who really are. (Note: Your accusations will hold more weight if they’re actually legitimate.) 

While I do believe there are still some White Supremacists out there, I don’t see my fellow Trump supporters on the list. Here’s what I do see when I look at my fellow conservative: 

  • Loving people who are often in church on Sunday, worshipping side by side: red and yellow, black and white. . .all precious in His sight. 
  • Amazing friends working in their local communities with people of every race and creed: feeding the poor, tending to the sick, and caring for the elderly. 
  • Pro-lifers of every color, banding together to end abortion. 
  • Patriotic neighbors, flying their flags high, not as some sort of subtle warning against people of a different race, but simply out of love for America. 

What I don’t see among my Trump supporting friends: 

  • Violence. (I don’t know one person who busted into the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.) 
  • Hatred for anyone of any color or creed. 

I can’t speak for all conservatives, of course. But I, for one, am very confused about how we got here. 

Oh, wait. . .I’m not. 

Trump was touted by all Big Tech platforms and the MSM (Main Stream media) as a racist. So, I suppose it just makes sense (to them and to the people they’re trying to brainwash) that every Trump supporter would be one, too. So, they keep that narrative going. . .and going. . .and going. 

Friends, do you see what they’re doing? They’re attempting to further separate us with the latest “White Supremacist” rhetoric. Think about it. They’re working around the clock to make the divide between us even bigger by using inflammatory accusations like this.  

Again, I can’t speak for all conservatives. I can’t tell you how to respond. But I know how most of my conservative friends are. You’ll go right on doing what you’ve taught in church: demonstrating the opposite spirit. 

You’ll right go on loving, right on serving, right on believing that one day these inflammatory accusations will be proven wrong. 

And I’ll be standing right there beside you as you hold your head high and move forward. 


  1. This is all Democratic hate of and for the military. The social/communists want to stop the military as they know they do not have to adhere to any orders that are illegal .


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