Stronger Together: A Summary of the January 5th D.C. Gatherings

Photo courtesy @PJStrikeForce

Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

“Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue” is playing in the background as I watch multiplied thousands of people march along the streets of D.C.’s Freedom Square today, Trump signs in hand. From my cozy spot on the sofa several states away, many things stand out to me: 

  • The people. There are tons of them, in every color, every age, and every nationality. 
  • Red, White, and Blue. There’s a lot of it dotting D.C. today. I see it in the clothing, the flags, and the signs. 
  • Smiles. By the zillions. 
  • Red hats. Need I say more? 
  • Peaceful. People all seem to be happy to be there. . .together. 
  • Costumes. I see superheroes. Lots of them.
  • Prayer rallies. I watched a lengthy one, filled with speeches from amazing, strong conservative women.  
  • American flags. Waving in the breeze. 
  • Signs from people representing other countries, all in support of President Trump. 
  • Women for Trump signs. (I don’t think they got the memo from the Dems that it’s no longer politically correct to use the term “woman.”) 
  • References to God. Everywhere. 
  • Stop the Steal signs. Everywhere. 
  • “Don’t Tread on Me” References. 
  • The word #bullshit. Everywhere. (Apparently a few people think the election results were fraudulent? Who knew?) 
  • Stop the Steal speeches. (Lots of cheerleaders in that pack!)

Here’s what I don’t see:

  • Defeat.
  • Anger. 
  • Fighting.
  • Bricks being thrown. 
  • Fires. 
  • 2x4s. 
  • Police. If things are really as frightful as the Mainstream Media predicted, where are the officers, bracing for the worst? Oh, wait. . .this a police-friendly crowd. 

They say there’s power in numbers, and I’ve always found that to be true. That’s why I draw a crowd around me when I’m going through a crisis. I’m strong alone, but ten thousand times stronger when my brothers and sisters stand with me. That’s one reason I’m so excited to see so many people converge on D.C., because they’re bringing energy to the experience. If you don’t believe it, just watch the videos of the thousands of cars, trucks, and trailers lining the highways leading into D.C., all decked out in Trump paraphernalia. Woo-hoo! 

This is what conservatives need right now. . .energy. And hope. And camaraderie. In many ways, we’re like those soldiers marching off to war, arms linked, bravely facing the foe. When we’re together, we feel invincible. Pull us apart and we’re bound to crumble. 

So, we’ll stick together—red and yellow, black and white, marching bravely into the night, all in anticipation of tomorrow’s big vote in D.C. 

We’ll come by truck.
We’ll come by plane.
We’ll come by car.
We’ll come by train.
We’ll come awake.
We’ll come aware.
We’ll come in spirit.
And we’ll come in prayer. 

And we will remain united, no matter how this goes down. Because that’s what “right” does: it sticks together for the sake of our children and grandchildren. And it never gives up, no matter how things look. We’re too sturdy to give up, and we’ve got too much to fight for, after all. 



  1. It is time we who respect our history and freedom organize and speak out. The radical air heads have controlled the megaphone for too long. We must let our voices be heard in an organized fashion to protect our heritage and our children’s future…protecting illegals, sanctuary cities, killing cops, taking over cities, censoring speech, etc. Term limits is a good starting point for cleaning up the “old boy club” in D.C., eliminating visiting rights for congressmen stop pension programs, etc. This will help in cleaning the “swamp”.

  2. I believe all Trump supporters are angry at the despicable, unlawful and flagrant disregard a handful of protestors set upon our Capitol yesterday. What upsets and angers me nearly as much is our congressional representatives. Once again they tucked in their tails, put their heads down and delivered speeches to both chambers written during their lockdown due to the days events, not their original speeches. Some who intended to vote to not certify states electors and/or approve the 10-day election audit presented by Senator Ted Cruz changed their minds. Their speeches were clearly directed at everyone who was on the Capitol grounds yesterday, not just the bad actors who fought with authorities, breached buildings and did damage to chambers. They were angry about the days events and all of the people were going to pay for the disgusting behavior of 50 or so unknown thugs. Thugs I don’t believe they will ever prosecute–they will complain about time and cost. FYI: Capitol security is Nancy Pelosi’s responsibility–whoops, dropped the ball and tried to blame President Trump for her negligence. Was it deliberate?

    I truly believed many in congress were finally ready to listen to their constituents, do the right thing and get to the bottom and seriousness of election fraud put upon us in November 2016 and November 2020. Instead, they’re punishing all by deciding to once again sweep election fraud under the carpet, never again to be spoken of. Election fraud has been around for centuries. But the last two presidential elections in particular were taken over by zealots on the left. The left has such an unnatural, undesirable hold over our election process and it’s not likely the people will ever trust another election. Big tech, big business and lobbyists must be stopped. The enormous sums of money they collectively give to the left for campaigning breeds much fraud in the left’s congressional races. If congress was serious about initiating a real investigation into election fraud, they would have voted to allow the 10-day states audits of the November 2020 elections as proposed by Ted Cruz. What’s the harm? Congress has no problem spending time and millions of our tax dollars on useless things and unnecessary programs. Investigating and squelching election fraud is a necessary program desperately needed and would serve our country well.

    The country has had enough of SCOTUS, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and the gang; Bernie Sanders and his ridiculous pipe dreams; indifferent, disinterested and unreachable congressional representatives; a government who at times is less than honest; made up investigations, wasting millions of our tax dollars in the process; the continuous game the left plays to maliciously and without merit destroy their opponent; careless spending; senseless and continual lockdowns; losing our livelihoods and homes while all of government never misses a paycheck paid with our tax dollars whether they’re at work or not. I watched the congressional proceedings last night and into the wee hours of this morning. And, at 70, I’ve never experienced the angst I feel today. The people of our great country are frustrated on every level, at their wits end. We’ve sick and tired of watching cities burn, stores looted, and killing for sake of killing by Antifa, BLM, and other thugs and the city’s mayors allow it happen unabated. We have been extremely patient, but something has to give. We’re honest hard working Americans and we’re fed up with what’s being allowed to happen in and around our cities; the lawlessness and burned down and/or looted businesses; we’re fed up with government waste; with our borders illegally breached and we pay the bill for their every need. We keep America beautiful and prosperous, a country we are proud to call home. We work hard for our families so they too can experience their American dream. But lately, what have the people received for their hard work and patriotism, allegiance to country? A congress seemingly blind and disinterested in the very real needs and desires of their constituents; and the unnecessary congressional in fighting and attempts to destroy great people just because they can. Maybe congressional representatives should be mandated to several times a year physically get out among their constituents–and I don’t mean a mega-buck-a-plate fund raiser–and get to know them and their needs and not just to solicit an addition to their donor base.

    Now that the left has everything in Washington locked up [for at least two years], I’m very anxious about what to expect from my government and whether they will always put the wellbeing of the country and Her people ahead of personal gain. Especially since Nancy Pelosi believes she is the “ruler” of all! I found it disturbing that Nancy can and will ruin professionally and personally anyone in DC she does not take a liking to or crosses her path just for good measure. Why would a congress with seemingly good ethics and sure of themselves allow a twit like her to get away with her callous disregard for others. Surely they’re not that weak.

    Thank you if you read my post all the way thru. If you didn’t, that’s okay too. I am and always have been a “patriot”. President Trump is my candidate, he did great things for our country while continuously bombarded by the left with their lies and deceitful tactics. I know of no other president who could or would work under such a strain. Let’s let him have a well deserved vacation and precious time with his young family before beginning work on getting badly needed Republicans into House seats in 2022.


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