Tethered Goats = Democrat Votes

Photo courtesy @jcgellidon

Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

I recently heard someone say that an empty belly is the most powerful political force on earth. I believe that’s probably true. When you’re hungry, you’ll do just about anything to survive. And when your children are hungry? Well, increase that willingness ten-fold.  

The Democrats seem to understand this and are using it to their advantage. I can think of no other reason why they would be so adamant about rushing in hundreds of thousands of hungry illegal immigrants. 

This is also the reason why they are also so keen on leveling the economic playing field with our current citizens: making sure the rich don’t remain rich by over-taxing them, but also making sure the impoverished are forever grateful to the government for taking care of them. (Hint: if the government is providing your food, housing, and healthcare, you’re more apt to stay on their good side.) 

Dems have learned the power an of empty belly. And let’s face it, there were a lot of empty bellies over the past year.  

The group they’ve had the hardest time with has been the middle class. Now they’ve found the perfect way to get to them: shut down the economy. 

Thanks to COVID-19 Blue states have managed to put the middle class at risk of losing everything. They’ve forced the middle class to suffer and then rewarded them with stimulus monies to the tune of $1400 per person. A family of five walked away with a $7k deposit this time around. 

Suddenly you have a very grateful middle class. Almost grateful enough to forget the government shut down their livelihoods and forced them into submission just a few months back.

Funny, what an empty belly will do. 

Political scientists and pundits often refer to “politics of the belly” and “cabritismo” (a goat will eat where he is tethered), another description of what politicians do.
– Marissa Moorman, Anne Pitcher

“A goat will eat where he’s tethered.”

I think the entire Democrat agenda could be summed up in those few words. They have made it their goal to tether goats. And, in doing so to garner votes.

Tethered goats = Democrat Votes. 

It’s that simple, folks. They’re in the tethering business. Here’s a little refresher about the definition of that word: 

1Tie (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement.
‘the horse had been tethered to a post’

They tie incoming immigrants with their promises of asylum.
They tie the lower class with their welfare system.
They tie the middle class with their “We’ll reward you if you behave” strategies.
They tie the sick with government-mandated healthcare.
They tie women with the promise of free abortions.
They tie businesses with manipulative incentives.
They tie struggling families with free childcare and food stamps.
They tie students with erased college loans. 

They tie us in ways we don’t realize we’re being tied, and then we wonder why we so many feel obligated to them. 

I don’t know about you, but this goat is about to break free. No more tethers for me, thanks all the same. If you want me, I’ll be the goat up in the tree, far from the maddening crowd below.

Photo courtesy @stevenhfeldman


  1. Right on the nose! It is a shame that lots of the tethered goats will never make the connection and remain tethered for the rest of their lives such as their lives will be under the Democrat goat whisperers.


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