Texas Governor Lifts Mask Mandate


D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot 

Three cheers for my own Texas Governor, Greg Abbott! Effective March 10th, he’s lifting the mandatory mask mandate and has declared, “It’s time to open (Texas) 100%.” 

I couldn’t agree more. 

My fellow Texans are split down the middle on this one—many believing it’s not time yet.  

Since we don’t really know the efficacy of the vaccine, and because I’m not convinced masks really provide the kind of protection necessary anyway, I tend to agree with the governor. 

Here’s what he had to say: 

“With the medical advancements of vaccines and antibody therapeutic drugs, Texas now has the tools to protect Texans from the virus. We must now do more to restore livelihoods and normalcy for Texans by opening Texas 100 percent. Make no mistake, COVID-19 has not disappeared, but it is clear from the recoveries, vaccinations, reduced hospitalizations, and safe practices that Texans are using that state mandates are no longer needed. Today’s announcement does not abandon safe practices that Texans have mastered over the past year. Instead, it is a reminder that each person has a role to play in their own personal safety and the safety of others. With this executive order, we are ensuring that all businesses and families in Texas have the freedom to determine their own destiny.”

You can read his full executive order (GA-34) here

Abbott added that Texas has made great strides in overcoming the virus—honing in on rapid increase in vaccines (nearly 5.7 million shots have already been administered to Texans). By March 10th we will have over 7 million Texans vaccinated. That includes more than half of our senior citizens. 

We’ve also got a surplus of personal protective equipment and the capability of performing up to 100,000 COVID-19 tests per day in Texas. Our pharmacies are equipped with anti-body therapeutic drugs and we’ve all learned to be more cautious, so that the spread of the virus can be slowed simply by using common sense personal habits (like hand-washing and social distancing). 

According to Abbott, the number of active COVID-19 cases in Texas is the lowest it’s been since November. More people are recovering than acquiring the disease. 

I’ve believed from the beginning that there was a better way. It’s called “common sense.” (I use it when one of the kids has strep or the flu.) 

And, as for those who are still worried: If you’re really fretting over those of us who will be running around mask-less, then you should definitely still mask up! You say “Masks work!” right? If they work, and if you’re vulnerable, then the answer is simple: You keep on wearing one. You’ll be safe behind the veil of your own mask. And I’ll be able to breathe easier without mine. It’s a win-win! 

On top of lifting the mask mandate, our fine governor is also allowing businesses to open at capacity next week. I pray it’s not too late for many of the small businesses that have struggled so much. 

It’s been a year, folks. A year. That’s a mighty long time to be mandated into hopelessness. 

It’s time to look forward. 




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