Texas Governor’s Shocking Press Conference

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

I thought I’d heard everything. The stories coming from the southern border states over the past few weeks have been escalating, after all. Tales of a mad rush into my home state—Texas—have held local citizens riveted to the TV and Internet. We’re on pins and needles down here. 

And all of it could have been prevented. That’s the sickening part. 

Today my governor, Greg Abbott, addressed the nation with an update about where our great state stands. Many times, he used the words, “President Biden’s open border policies have caused. . .” followed by horrific stories of what’s happening on the Texas border. 

Some of those stories (literally) left me in tears: 

  • Like the one about the six-month-old baby girl who was thrown into the Rio Grande river by smugglers to distract border patrol officers. 
  • And the one about the six-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her captor. 
  • And the one about the young woman found at a stash house in the Rio Grande valley with the man who had been “continuously” sexually abusing her. 
  • And the one about the traffic-stop-turned-pursuit where the male driver (later apprehended) was found to be smuggling illegal immigrants, including a fourteen-year-old child who he sexually abused.  
  • And the one about the mother who was “stomped on” by smugglers, who broke her leg. 
  • And the one about all of the people (including over 100 children) who came across the river on rafts. 
  • And the one about all of the gang members who’ve been arrested. 
  • And the one about how brazen the drug cartels, smugglers, and coyotes are getting. 
  • And the one about Tik-Tok ads from drug cartels, boldly asking for help from people in the states. 
  • And the one about how Texas’ border has become a corridor of crime. 
  • And the one about how the smugglers, coyotes, and drug cartels don’t care one whit about the people their hurting, but simply want to make billions of dollars. 
  • And the one about how the state of Texas is doing the best it/we can through Abbott’s new “Operation Lone Star,” but how we can’t solve the problem until the Biden administration wakes up and realizes what they’ve done. 

You can watch the video for yourself here:

(video courtesy @youtube)

To say that our governor isn’t a fan of the Biden administration’s policies would be an understatement. The words “Biden’s open door policy” are firmly planted in my brain after Abbott’s passionate speech. 

Just yesterday Governor Abbott sent a letter to Kamala Harris (pdf), who he has labeled the “Border Czar in charge.” In it, he laid out his feelings about their border policies, which (according to Abbott) “embolden and enrich cartels, smugglers, and human traffickers who continue to ramp up their criminal operations.”

Abbott went on to say, “I urge you to visit the border to see the crisis for yourself, and I implore the Biden administration to take swift action to secure the border, crack down on human trafficking, and prevent more children from being trafficked and abused.”

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, had this to say: 

“I will tell you that policies matter. Without policies we will have the problems that we’re seeing today.” 

He thanked Governor Abbott for the work he’s doing, then went on to say, “Problem is, we wouldn’t need governors like Governor Abbott if the federal government would do their job. Because policies matter, and if we continue down the road we’re going, we’re going to see the numbers increase and the safety and security of the state of Texas will be threatened and the safety and security of the entire country will be threatened.”

“We must look for the solutions. And if the Biden Administration wants to say that the “Remain in Mexico” program was inhumane, then he needs to look for a solution. You cannot get rid of a program that worked and was very effective and not replace it with something else, and that is in fact what the Biden did.”   

Neither Biden nor Harris have announced any plans to visit the border. 

Maybe we should all send letters to the new border czar. Perhaps she could stop cackling and actually be nudged into action if we took the time to call her out for her lack of response. 

That’s my plan, anyway. 



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