The 9 Most Terrifying Words

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“Hey Florida! Help is Here!” Tweeted the Vice President on Monday as she descended from her plane into the Sunshine State.

At long last, Kamala Harris is here to help, but the state has been in good hands long before Kamala arrived.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has continued to keep his state open during much of the pandemic, despite heavy criticism from the left. The state shut down for only a brief time in the spring of 2020. 

During the spike in COVID-19 cases in January 2021, the White House Coronavirus Task Force, under President Biden, wanted the state to shut down; however, Governor DeSantis pushed back.

“We believe every job is essential” retorted DeSantis. “Lockdowns do not work.”

Since reopening in May last year, life has pretty much returned to normal throughout the state. Citizens have been allowed to return to their jobs. Students have gone to school and participated in sports and other regular events. Disney World, beaches, and other tourist attractions are open as well.

Despite Florida’s approach being the exact opposite of California’s draconian shutdown measures for the majority of the past year, their number of deaths have been quite close to California’s, while their unemployment rate is significantly lower. 

Uttering the words on her Twitter account, VP Harris has made it clear she has never heard the 9 most terrifying words. 

In a speech in 1986, Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” 

And it’s just as true 35 years later. 

Our country was founded on freedom and capitalism and the American dream. You can be who you want to be and achieve anything you want if you work hard enough. You are free to make your own decisions about your life.

This is the freedom Florida has enjoyed over the past year while many states were far more restricted

Florida doesn’t need the government to come in and prop them up. Their hard working people have shown up to their jobs and worked each day. Each person was free to make decisions for themselves and their family without the government insisting on doing that for them. Their kids went to school to further their education and social skills and provide good mental health. 

Contrary to what Harris thinks, Floridians, and their fellow Americans, are smart, resilient and capable.  They can assess situations and strategize. They can take care of their families better than any government because they are the ones who are invested in their lives and their future.

Government is in place to serve the people. Not the other way around. It is now being compromised by those who have been elected to be the only voice of their constituents. 

Floridians have been served well by Governor DeSantis in this manner. He has been striving to be their voice, by keeping them employed and living normal, healthy lives.

VP Harris’ help isn’t needed in Florida.

And the terrifying words aren’t needed either.



  1. I wonder what kind of “Help” K. Harris thinks Florida needs? This ‘announcement’ just goes to show how self-important she is ! Her past words and actions have shown how twisted her mind really is. KAMALA HARRIS, PLEASE just STAY AWAY .


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