The Devil Went Down to Georgia

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By Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

Shortly after the election, when it became evident something was amiss with the vote counts, I began to compile a list of news stories related to potential fraud. My list grew and I divided it by state. One thing became abundantly clear as I looked at my paperwork: something had gone terribly wrong in Georgia. 

I made a quick trip to the Hereistheevidence website to take a closer look. Sure enough, story after story, testimony after testimony of potentially fraudulent activities had taken place in this once-red state. 

Then, a short time later, I stumbled across this list of potential infractions in the state of Georgia, compiled by the president’s attorney, Ray Smith:

  • 2,506 felons voted
  • 66,248 underaged registered
  • 2,423 voted without registration
  • 1,043 listed the post office as an address 
  • 4,926 registered late
  • 10,315 dead people voted
  • 395 cast ballots in another state
  • 15,700 filed national change of address
  • 40,279 moved
  • 100+ affidavits


On top of this, the recount uncovered several thousand uncounted ballots in one county alone, most for Trump. Something similar happened in a second county. Not that Republicans poll watchers were able to clearly see the shenanigans. As in Michigan, they were booted far away from the counting. 

And let’s don’t forget the lack of signature verification. And then there’s the Project Veritas video where recount auditors called multiple ballots for Biden that were really marked For President Trump. Oh, and did I mention the pristine batches of ballots that didn’t match any of the others? Yeah, that. Over 20,000 Georgians voted down-ticket but skipped voting for the president. (Say what?) 

Then came the “suitcase” scandal. The fact-checkers were quick to de-bunk it, of course. Oh, not the scandal, itself, but the use of the word “suitcase.” 


To this day there seems to be no logical explanation for why cases filled with ballots would be hidden under a table all day, only to be pulled out and counted after the poll watchers were dismissed in the wee hours of the night. (Does anyone else smell a rat?) 

But never mind all that. The real problem, as we learned in a press conference, was the voting machines. Attorney Sidney Powell went to work—a woman possessed—and filed a kraken lawsuit, guaranteed to cause massive fireworks. 

Only, it didn’t. 

On top of all of that drama, the state of Georgia is about to have a run-off election to determine their incoming senators. If fraud occurs during this election, the senate could tip in the Democrats’ favor. Raffensperger, Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, has approved extended mail-in voting. He’s also onboard with ballot harvesting and drop boxes. (Can anyone see the handwriting on the wall here?) 

What we need right now in the state of Georgia is an exorcist. We need someone to drive that devil out. We need legislators with courage to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.” And we need Republicans to stop acting like liberals. It’s time for some backbone, and courage—the kind our great-grandchildren will one day read about in history textbooks. 

Yes, we need all of that, and we need it now. 



  1. YES, YES, YES! Totally agree.
    So much fraud, no one wants to fight the devil. The devil works 24 hours a day and finds weakness wherever it is. Apparently its everywhere.


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