The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

I don’t know if my poor stomach can take many more of these election night sagas. Up one minute, down the next. It’s like a roller-coaster ride. And (just keeping it real) I was never great on roller-coasters. 

In a new-to-me twist I decided to watch the Georgia runoff returns on Charlie Kirk instead of Newsmax or Fox. In the end, when the Democrats did what they do—shut down for the night, turned out the lights and (supposedly) went home—my stomach hit the floor. Were we really about to re-live the same nightmare we just experienced on November 3rd and 4th

Yes. Yes, we were. 

Talk about another plunge down the proverbial roller-coaster! My stomach did another twist as I realized this story had come to an abrupt end for the night. And, of course, I knew what that meant. The game was over. 

For a minute there, it felt like this coaster-ride was going to send us flying off into outer space, into the vast Democrat-riddled unknown, to a bizarre stratosphere where we’re not allowed to talk about genders. Where conservatives are ridiculed, doxed, or (worse) beaten to a bloody pulp. Where Big Tech clamps their sweaty hand over our mouths when we attempt to speak. Where our vote doesn’t count because we’ve been set up.  

Knowing the numbers were already tipped in favor of the Democrat candidates, Charlie Kirk had this to say to conservatives as he signed off for the night: 

So, let’s talk some truth here. Probably lost both races. That sucks. So, you can complain about it and we’ll definitely do a full diagnostic in the days to come. But, here’s what we’re gonna do about it. . .we’re gonna fight. And so, if you want to be pessimistic and talk about the end of America I’ve not patience for that whatsoever. I mean that. And so, we’re gonna fight for every inch. We’re gonna go to more campuses. Do more podcasts. And we’re gonna make sure stuff like this never happens again. 

But tomorrow is a very big day. Mike Pence has the power to grant a lot of, let’s say he has a lot of leeway to see that things could be done correctly. There’ll be hundreds of thousands of people in Washington D.C. tomorrow. And so, the question is, will Mike Pence hand over a unified government to the Democrats? That remains to be seen. But here’s the big reason why we wanted to do this: We’re going to be here tomorrow. And we’re gonna be of good cheer. Cause this country’s been through a lot worse than Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff. 

…Weak Republicans got us here. Tech billionaires that turned their back on their country got us here. But you know what? There’s a rising generation. . .we’re honestly going to continue to fight. And, I’m gonna remain in this every single day, waking up early, doing what we’re doing. I hope this is a wake-up call for some of you, that you’re not living in the same country you used to live in. 


Suddenly I felt revived. Reborn.

I took Charlie’s words to heart. I am, after all, an optimist. I really am. I’m always looking for the good—in people and in situations. And I have faith. But I also agree with Charlie that it’s up to us now. We’ve got to stay in the game. We can’t quit. We can’t see this as a “throw our hands up in the air and quit” moment. Instead, we have to rally. We have to have hope. We have to keep our heads and hearts pure. 

Not for the sake of the politicians.
Not for the sake of the elites.
Not for the sake of the rule-makers and breakers.
Not for the sly and dirty.
But, for the children. And the grandchildren. And the great-grandchildren. 

So, I’ll pick myself up by my bootstraps. I’ll strap on my courage and my faith. And I’ll put one foot in front of the other, fighting for conservative values and ideals, no matter how tough the Left makes it. 

Because, in the end, quitters never win. . .and winners never quit. 



  1. Praying for our country!! Those that were not alive during the second world war won’t remember what our country and others went through. England being bombed daily and the people of Germany subjected to terrors by a man who our democrats mirror in their socialist beliefs. So sad. Fear for my children and grandchildren. At 87 years old never expected to see this happen. A President who will be replaced by his vice president soon as he is sworn in. Reason? Unable to perform as president. Then what will be do when Harris and Pelosi rule? Think!!


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