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If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. 

If it looks like an affair, hides behind closed doors like an affair, and remains shrouded in mystery like an affair, well. . .I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that. 

Look, I’m from the south. We just cut to the chase down here and call it like we see it. To me, this Swalwell story quacks like a duck. And—if I’m just being honest—one reason I’m more suspicious than I might’ve been otherwise is because Nancy Pelosi has made such a big deal out of Swalwell being innocent. 

Which is more than enough to convince me he probably isn’t. 

Because that’s how it works in Washington D.C.

To make things even more suspicious, Pelosi deflected and blamed Republicans for making a mountain out of a molehill, then went off on a tangent, accusing them of being into conspiracy theories. 

Because that’s also how it works in Washington D.C.

Quack. Quack-quack. 

Whether he slept with Chinese national Fang-Fang (Christine Fang) or not, Swalwell has a lot of explaining to do. He did, after all, spend years falsely accusing President Trump of colluding with the Russians. The man (who served on the impeachment committee) was relentless. He wasn’t going to stop until he’d treed that coon.  Years of false narratives. Years of drummed-up stories. Years of trying to force a sitting president out of office, and all over a fake, made-up tale, one filled with more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. 

As we say in Texas, “That dog won’t hunt.” And Swalwell knew it. Heck, they all knew it. The whole story was a ruse, born of panic because of Hillary’s emails. We’ve got the paper trail to prove it now. 

Quack. Quack-quack.  

But this twisted tale of “the spy who loved me” isn’t a ruse. As is often the case in D.C. the Democrats are secretly doing the very thing they’re openly accusing Republicans of doing. (I believe they call that gaslighting.) Swalwell just happened to be doing it with a Chinese spy who raised money for him and placed an intern in his office. 

So, the Russia collusion story turns out to be a hoax, yet the Swalwell collusion story gets swept under the covers by mainstream media. 

Under the covers. Ha.

Just keep in mind that D.C. is filled with hypocrites who will stop at nothing to destroy Trump while covering up details of very real stories like this. Consider Swalwell’s statement on MSNBC in January of 2019: “Stated plainly, the President’s son met with a Russian spy.” 

There’s more to it than that, but I’ll stop right there so you can pause to appreciate the irony. He accused Don. Jr. of meeting with a spy when he (Swalwell) was (or wasn’t) sleeping with a spy. 

Hypocrisy: noun
The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

These D.C. escapades are more twisted than a pretzel and a lot more expensive. They’re also dangerous because this man literally tried to destroy our president’s reputation and legacy. 

We’re on to him, though. And so is the FBI. Which is exactly why House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said that the FBI briefing gave him reason to believe, “The California Democrat should not have access to the nation’s secrets.” 

Frankly, I think Swalwell is great with secrets. He managed to keep this one for a good long while, after all. 

By the way, Don Jr. tweeted the following message earlier this week: “So Rep Swalwell who spent years saying I was an agent of Russia was literally sleeping with a Chinese spy at the time. You can’t make this stuff up.”

I wish I could make it up, frankly. I’d get rich writing political thrillers set in Washington D.C. 

Because that’s how we do it here in Texas. 

Quack. Quack-quack. 


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