Two Sides to Every Story

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

When my kids were little, they would squabble, as all kids do. One would come to me, wailing over something the other kiddo had done. As I listened to his passionate story, I felt drawn in. He won me over with his “facts” and I was ready to discipline the other child. 

Then I heard from the supposed perpetrator and the truth came out. 

That’s how it is. There are two sides to every story. And if you only hear one, you believe the one every time. It’s human nature to believe what we’re told, especially if passion fuels the speech. 

That’s what we’re facing with Big Tech and Big Media these days. The reason they’re so incensed with conservatives is because we insist on telling the other side of the story. They work so hard to make sure the general public ‘thinks’ there’s only one side of the story (the ‘true’ side) and when we kick back with something different, they don’t like it. 

They really, really don’t like it. 

So, they slap tape over our mouths, thinking they’ll shut us up for good. (Hint: They don’t know us very well, do they?)

  • They say mandates are essential. We kick back. We get censored. 
  • They say there was no election fraud. We kick back. We get censored. 
  • They say climate change is going to kill us all. We kick back. We get censored. 
  • They say vaccines are the be-all, end-all answer. We kick back. We get censored. 
  • They say open borders work. We kick back. We get censored. 
  • They say the “insurrection” was fully instigated by The Right. We kick back. We get censored. 
  • They say “Orange Man Bad.” We kick back. We get censored. 

You get the idea. 

Meanwhile, murderous leaders of other countries are allowed on their social media platforms, spewing their hate and/or disinformation. 

But us? They’ve slapped tape over our mouths. 

Why do they feel they have this power over us? Who gave it to them? 

“They all think they’re the gods of the Silicon Valley, or the Masters of the Virtual Universe. They are so brazen. This week we even had Democrats in the House send letters to cable news providers and streaming services saying that they needed shut down these conservative outlets like One America News, Newsmax, and FOX News because they were giving differing opinions. They were guilty of robust, respectful political debate, giving two sides of the story. So they wanted to shut them down.” – Marsha Blackburn (CPAC)

I agree with Marsha. They truly believe they are gods, and (as gods) don’t want to spread any other religion than their own. 

But conservatives are rising up. We’re not taking it. Alternate platforms exist and more are coming. Trump is creating his own (and it can’t come soon enough for me). Mike Lindell, of My Pillow, is also working on a platform that should be unveiled in a few months. Again, I can’t wait. 

People keep asking: What can we do during the Biden-Harris years? How do we survive this? Easy. Don’t kneel to false gods. It’s that simple. 

Don’t Kneel. 

And never stop telling the other side of the story. 



  1. Unfortunately the Democrats seem to have no common sense and it is very apparent that they don’t know what they are doing. Well, I can give them a hint: they are wrecking our beautiful U.S.A. !!


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