“We’re SO Much Better Off Under a Biden Administration. . .” Said No Anti-Trumper Ever

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

They couldn’t wait to get rid of the man. They hated his demeanor. They despised his Tweets. They didn’t like the sound of his voice or his so-called orange skin. In short, they hated everything about him. 

So, these anti-Trumpers—formerly solid conservatives—decided to go a different route in 2020, thinking a vote for Biden would be safer. Calmer. Less risky. If they got rid of Trump the media would calm down, the riots would end, lockdowns would cease, masks would go away, and all of those silly restrictions on social media sites would work themselves out over time. 

i.e. life would go back to normal. 

Only, none of that really happened, and many are now faced with buyer’s remorse for this painful decision. Not only is Biden not a centrist, as advertised, but he’s tipping so far to the left that previous Democrat presidents pale in comparison. (Did you ever think we’d say that after Obama?) 

As my mama used to say, “They threw out the baby with the bath water.” 

Only, now we’re all drowning. 

  • Sure, Twitter is calmer. 
  • Headlines are less titillating. 
  • Talk shows are more boring. 
  • Press conferences make us yawn. 
  • The media is prancing over their painted pony. 

But, is the country better off? Hardly. And true conservatives know it. 

So, sure. . .things will “calm down” in social spaces for a bit. I’ll give them that. But at the same moment they’re calming down, they’re ramping up as poison-laced policy arrows are aimed straight at the heart of conservatives. 

Yes, even those conservatives who voted for Biden. 

What must it feel like, knowing you put into office a man who: 

  • Ended thousands of Keystone jobs his first day in office
  • Threw wide the country’s borders
  • Expects taxpayers to financially handle the influx of new citizens
  • Seems to applaud Big Tech for limiting 1st amendment rights for conservatives
  • Is seeking to limit 2nd amendment rights for all
  • Ignored the 10th amendment by supporting H.R. 5 (the so-called “Equality” act)
  • Supported U.S. tax dollars for world-wide abortions
  • Insists we conform to a mandatory gender-fluid narrative
  • Is experiencing love and affection from the media
  • Has returned us to the days of Obama. . .and then some

None of these things line up with traditional conservative principles and I’m sure many a right-leaning Biden-voter is cringing right now as they come to grips with the fact that they gave this far-leftist their seal of approval. For, one thing I know to be true of conservative voters. . .they really don’t like big government. And they really don’t like to be told how to spend their money. 

Biden is doing all of the above, while removing rights along the way. 

We’re not better off. And, as long as the Democrats control all three branches of government, (as well as media and tech), things won’t get any better. That’s why we’ve got to work together to formulate a plan for 2022 and 2024. Perhaps our sadder-but-wiser never-Trumpers will be ready to get back onboard the conservative train once again at that time. 

One can hope. 



  1. Who ever thought we’d have to fight for freedoms that are already in the Constitution. I see the downfall to be coming from the wealthy. They have all the money they need to buy whatever they want so now they want more and more power
    They stir up all the ugliness to encourage BLM and Antifa. Look at the legislators that are supporting big money, they are wealthy also. Commodities are no longer important to them its control and power. Trump saw this which is why the hate.

  2. To all the so called “Anti-Trumpers”, are you really certain that you want Joe Biden over Donald Trump. First off, I will never accept Joe Biden as the President of these United States of America. He has now destroyed his legacy as once being a Senator and a Vice President. The DEMONCRATS must not be aware of what WE THE PEOPLE, feel and believe. There are 75 million of us who have been totally DISENFRANCHISED of our Voice, our Vote, because various judges and our Supreme Court, and various state officials that have been voted or appointed into office have basically stated that approximately 16 million ILLEGAL votes are more important than we the true legal citizens, you know the real “TaxPayers”. Those votes were made by multiple counted ballots, or those people who voted from the grave, or those people who voted illegally because of their age, and of course the ILLEGALS who voted without being a Citizen, or those who were not even registered to Vote. If you do not believe that, then give Donald Trump and his staff the opportunity to offer such proof to an open and free venue and allow our Voices to be heard. That is our Constitutional Right, that WE THE PEOPLE are the true voice of these United States of America. Not this DEMONCRAT corrupt form of politics that is being forced down upon us now. I believe that there are “True American Democrats, that believe in our Constitution, that believe that WE THE PEOPLE are the reason that they have taken their OATH of Office, well now is there chance to, prove it. LET OUR VOICE BE HEARD, RECOUNT THE TRUE VOTES NOW.

  3. Biden administration is destroying the coumtry. Immigration comes first for Biden the American people come second. Destroying jobs,small businesses, no open schools.


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