What Have We Learned?

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

Conservatives are struggling this week. They’ve taken some pretty hard hits, many of them unfair and unwarranted. Like boxers in the ring, many are sporting black eyes, bloody noses, and sore joints. With all that in mind, I thought it might be useful to do a quick “What have we learned?” list to summarize the week. 

That the Left will stop at nothing to destroy the Right. Or anyone who tips to the right. Or anyone who’s ever voted for anyone who tips to the Right. They are determined to shut us down at any cost and in any way. 

The Left was prepared for this past week. They had a plan. We did not. We thought we did, but we were woefully underprepared for the high level of manipulation and gaslighting. 

The Left has huge plans—for us, for our country, and for our children. These are globalist plans, not rooted in Americana or in patriotism of any sort.  

The Left has a playbook. They’re a solid team, working in tandem. Their plan seems to have little to do with who sits in the Oval Office. They are aiming at far bigger prizes and greater control than all of that. 

They fight dirty. We always knew this, but they’ve hit some new lows this week as innocent conservatives have lost their jobs simply for being in D.C. to hear the President speak. As conservatives, in general, have been falsely labeled as dangerous and/or radical. As Big Tech has gleefully created an even bigger false narrative about conservatives, labeling us all as radicals and dangerous. As they’ve attempted to clamp our mouths to shut down any efforts at free speech on our parts. As they’ve crafted the story to make it look like we all busted through capital doors on January 6th.  

They excel in intimidation and fear tactics. This is their slickest move. They think, if they can intimidate us enough (and in such rapid successive movements) that we’ll quit. 

That’s where they’re wrong.
Because, the #1 thing I’ve learned this week isn’t about the Left. It’s about us. . .conservatives. 

I’ve learned:
Conservative values haven’t changed. They are as necessary now as ever before. 

If we don’t stand strong, who will? We can’t give up the fight for freedom from tyranny—not now, not ever. 

We have to be mentally ready. The gaslighting techniques by the media are ruthless and relentless and incredibly twisted. These techniques are working on many. Our loved ones and many of their peers have been swept in. They’ve bought the lies. We wonder how they can be so vulnerable to the mistruths, but here’s a sad fact: you can’t blame a blind man for being blind. You can only continue to speak truth and pray for blind eyes to be opened. 

We have to keep our thoughts clear, our hearts pure, and our vision focused, so that we’re not thrown off our game. 

We’ll regroup and be stronger than ever. This week won’t last. The truth about what really happened on January 6th will come out. Conservatives will recover. Conservative social media platforms will regroup and come back stronger. Things will simmer down. And we’ll gather our wits about us and move forward, stronger than before. 

Speaking of January 6th, here are a couple of thoughts related to that (now infamous) day (for those who might have lingering questions or doubts):  

From my point of view, President Trump did not incite violence in his speech to conservatives that day in D.C. I listened to every word. He did not encourage it and was clear in his denouncement of it after-the-fact. 

Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and other strong conservatives are our heroes this week. The mainstream media would paint them to be radicals but they are far from it. (If Ted Cruz is a radical instigator-of-violence then I’m a priest.) These folks are sensible, principled conservatives who deserve our admiration and thanks. We need to honor them for their bravery and their willingness to risk everything for the cause of conservativism. They saw the same things we saw (related to potential election fraud) but unlike us, they actually had the courage to do/say something. I will forever remember the ones who stepped up. 

I’ll also remember (and refuse to vote for) the ones who turned a blind eye. I won’t bad-mouth them or create further division. I simply won’t vote for them next time. My lack-of-vote will be my message. 

If I could leave you with one bit of parting advice, it would be this: 

Don’t be afraid. 

And whatever you do, don’t give up. We haven’t come this far to quit now. 




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