What will it Take, Governor Cuomo?

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot 

In any other state, the Governor would have been gone by now. Well, if he (or she) happened to be a Republican, anyway. But Andrew Cuomo is just arrogant enough to think he’ll make it through these current political scandals unscathed. 

I happen to think he’s wrong. I think it’s just a matter of time until the door slams loudly behind him on his way out of the Governor’s mansion. He might have just enough time to grab that Emmy and take it with him. 

The accusations against Governor Cuomo are certainly piling up: There’s the nursing home scandal (where countless thousands died due to neglect) and then the sexual harassment charges from multiple women. Now, accusations of bullying from men who worked with Cuomo, stating, “he routinely berated them with explicit language, making comments such as calling them ‘pu-ies’ and saying ‘you have no b-lls.’”

With each passing day, more of Cuomo’s colleagues are calling for his resignation. (Do you blame them?) There’s pressure from the media. (Quite a switch from the way they fawned over the man just a few short weeks ago. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!) 

If this isn’t enough to stir him to action, then what will be? Or, do Emmy award winning actors (er, Governors) like Cuomo believe themselves to be invincible? 

So much attention has been paid in recent days to the accusations of sexual harassment, but I’m of the opinion that the nursing home scandal is a far bigger story. (Not to diminish the sexual harassment charges, of course. . .but people died by the thousands in NY nursing homes after his now-infamous mandate.) 

To complicate that already-horrible story, a report in the Wall Street Journey alleges that two of the governor’s people altered (or omitted) data re: the number of deaths that occurred after the governor mandated the COVID-positive patients back into their respective nursing homes. 

Let’s go over that one again. 

He sent them back into the nursing homes even though they were COVID positive. Many died as a result. Then Cuomo’s team falsified the number of deaths that occurred because they were worried about how they would look. 

Everyone clear on what happened now? 

If Cuomo keeps up the “I’m going to stay in office” act, he might just qualify for another Emmy, this one for lead character in a drama. Personally, I’d rather see him do the right thing and own up to what he and his team have done. 

And then, I think he owes every single family a public apology for what he put their loved ones through. 

But that’s just me. 

The clock is ticking, Governor. What’s it going to take for you to do the right thing? 



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