When I say I am a Conservative. . .

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

When I say I’m a conservative I’m not implying that I conserve myself from others. In fact, I give myself quite liberally to those I love. I’m generous with my family, my church, my community, and with people in need around me, so no one can ever accuse me of “conserving” myself from the people around me.  

No, when I say I’m conservative I’m talking about my beliefs regarding the government’s role in my life. I believe in a conservative (moderate, careful) government. 


I do not believe that the government should have a say:

In my personal belief system
In how I choose to live my life
In how I worship
In what I wear (or don’t wear)
In what I speak (or don’t speak)
In what I eat
In where I live
In what I purchase
In who I vote for
In who I hire at my small business
In how I defend myself
In my right to defend myself
In when or where I can open or close my business
In my healthcare matters

I simply don’t think it’s the role of the government to intrude in the lives of its people. 

It’s the role of the government to represent the people, not the other way around. I believe we’ve been doing this thing backwards for a while now and the mandates and clamp-downs over the past year are a direct result of our willingness to be led, (when, in fact, we the people should be the ones doing the leading). 

Instead of DC telling us what to do, we should be telling our representatives in DC what to do. Instead of mandating us or limiting us, they should free us up to live our lives as individuals so that we can learn to make wise decisions that make sense to our own situations. 

The more we are mandated, the more likely we are to knee-jerk. The more we are constricted by government or big tech, the more likely we are to grow angry. This leads to rebellion on a national scale, and that can be problematic. It’s better not to provoke the citizens. They get testy when provoked. 

When people are really free, truly free, they don’t think much about government. Over the past year we’ve been thinking way too much about their demands, their intrusion. That’s not our fault. It’s their fault because they’ve butted in to the point where they are on our minds all the time. 

We should be on their minds. 

There is a verse that I love: It is for freedom that we have been set free. (Galatians 5:1 paraphrased) Over the past year we’ve felt constricted because we’ve felt forced to hand many of our personal freedoms over to the federal government. We’ve felt tight bands strapped around our wrists and we’ve balked at how they feel. They’re not familiar to us. Nor should they ever be. 

I want the government to be more conservative. I want them to back off. I want them to treat me like a grown-up, not a small child. We are not a country of teenagers requiring curfews or rules from daddy. We are full grown adults who deserve respect and freedom to make our own way. 

Will we always get it right? Probably not. But when we have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves, we’ll learn from our mistakes, just as we’ve always done. And we will move forward—stronger, wiser, and more convinced than ever that the government doesn’t hold the answers. 

We do. 


  1. most of what you say is good/ except the fact that you probably did not lose an elderly loved one to covid. Is wearing a mask so painful for you? Of course, “everybody dies” is the typical comeback comment. So easy for a “cull the herd” attitude when all you can bitch about is “how the MAN is oppressing you” by “forcing you” to wear a mask. don’t believe in masks? OK, if you ever need surgery someday, how would you like to see all the staff hovering over you with no masks? Don’t be stupid, listen to the professional virologists and make the temporary sacrifice of protecting yourself and others around you without bitching/ it will be over soon. Believe me I am extremely annoyed at wearing a mask especially when I walk across a lot only to have forgotten it before entering a building. FYI: if you think masks and distancing have no effect, then why is my 15 year old son without so much as a common cold in the past year?! This kid has always had something every 3 months since he was born. don’t watch too much Fox News / give other channels a try also


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