Who’s Really Running the Country?

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D.J. Neeley | Civil Patriot

If you watched Biden’s first “press conference” (a term I use loosely, since it appeared to be fully staged) then you know that he’s not the one calling the shots. He might carry the label of president, but he’s definitely not acting like one. 

All it took was one look at his little notecards, the ones with his speaking prompts on it, to realize that someone else entirely was directing the narrative. He’s an actor in the play, but he’s most assuredly not the director. (Honestly? I’m not even sure he’s got his lines memorized.) 

We’ve seen other indicators that Biden isn’t really acting as a normal president. Last week the White House instructed reporters to refer to the new administration as the “Biden-Harris” administration. 


Can you imagine saying “the Kennedy-Johnson” administration?

Or, “the Reagan-Bush” administration?

Or, “the Clinton-Gore” administration?

Or, “the Obama-Biden” administration?

It’s just not done. 

Unless you live in the year 2021, where the world has flipped upside-down and inside-out. 

On Wednesday of this past week Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of the crisis at the border. (Let me rephrase that: Biden refuses to call it a crisis, so he put her in charge of the border “issues.”) 

Why? Why would the sitting president of the United States defer his leadership on one of the most critical issues facing the country, handing it off to his VP?

I can only think of one reason: It wasn’t really his decision. 

Which makes me wonder if any of the actions he’s taken over the past two months have been his ideas or his policies. 

So, if he’s not in charge, then I have to ask, “Who is?” If Biden (who has issued something like 50 executive orders) isn’t the one behind all of the recent radical decisions, then who’s the true puppeteer here?

Whoever this random person (or group) happens to be, they’re quickly unraveling the country I know and love. 

  • They’re trying to shut down the oil and gas industry. 
  • They’ve opened our borders and created a crisis unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my home state of Texas. 
  • They’re trying to change our thinking about gender issues. 
  • They’re determined to bring the whole country into alignment over COVID strategies. 
  • They’re working overtime to mandate our actions, our health, and how we vote. 
  • They’re trying to win over the poor to garner more votes for themselves. 

Whoever “they” are. 

(Wouldn’t you like to know?) 

In a recent podcast conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza had this to say:

“It would be interesting to know because whoever is running the country, that’s our real president. Joe Biden is in the ‘sort of’ costume of president.” 

He went on to share clips of the recent press conference, where Biden didn’t seem to know what he was saying. (You have to admit, he fumbled. . .a lot.) 

D’Souza believes there’s an unelected aristocracy leading the country at this time, (made up of media, the universities, and so on). These elites don’t believe the people are capable of governing themselves or even choosing their own leaders. So, they’ve taken it out of our hands. They’ve taken it out of Joe’s hands. Heck, I suspect they’ve even taken it out of Harris’s hands. 

I agree with Dinesh, but I suspect there are many, many puppeteers at work here. 

So, who are they. . .specifically? 

Do they represent major corporations? Banks? Are they, as Dinesh suggested, university elites or Big Tech and media companies? Who are the ones who decided to pull this election out of the hands of the voters and place it into their own? And how do we win back a country that was never theirs to control in the first place? 

It starts by exposing them. We can’t go on playing the game that this is a normal presidency. 

There’s nothing normal about it. 

And we’ve got to fix the election system so that these puppeteers—whoever they are—won’t ever hold this kind of control over us again. 

I’m not giving up. I hope you don’t, either. 



  1. Not giving up but where do we turn now? Republicans were shut down, FBI untrustworthy, Military questionable. What now? wait for 2022?

  2. There are powers in the world who have worked at taking the U.S.A. over for years and years. Years ago they even claimed they would do it from “within”. Let’s face it, with the help of an army of subliminally recruited Americans, they have infiltrated every aspect of our life, such as Federal & Local government, school systems, law makers, various agencies, banks, media, etc. Our freedoms have systematically been taken away by convincing people that it was being done for the common good. Many people didn’t even realize that what they had taken for granted had been quietly removed. For example, look at how much freedom of speech has been affected over the past few months. Now final stages have begun. I’m just a simple person; no one of any consequence. I can’t even determine a timeline of events. You may even think I’m off my rocker. I’m okay with that. All I ask is that you remember my words – this is not a conspiracy theory. They’re here and they’re truly coming for us.


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