Will the Pendulum Swing Back?

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Scarlet Lindsey | Civil Patriot

I started a diet once. Okay, more than once. 

Problem is, I can’t seem to stick with those pesky diets very long. I put forth my best efforts, then I get fed up with the scale and toss the whole program out of the window. Maybe you can relate. 

A few months—or years—will go by, and then the pendulum swings the opposite direction. I get so irritated with myself for letting things go (and for packing on the pounds) that I dive back into another plan, possibly more extreme than the last. 

I see something similar happening in American politics. Right now, the liberals are fat and sassy. They’re shoveling in the carbs (spending our hard-earned money) and giving little thought to the outcome. 

But a reckoning is coming. 

No, really. It is. There will come a day when, (like that moment I finally stepped back on the scale after eating a bag of Oreos) reality hits. And you know what happens when reality hits: the pendulum quickly swings back. 

So, I do believe conservatives will end up in control again. I think it’s the nature of things. 

Think of how a swing works. You only push it in one direction, but it’s designed to swing back. That’s how the two-party system works, too. Dems push it in one direction, force from conservatives brings it back in the other direction. 

I hope. 

One thing will really work to our advantage this time around. . .the Democrats are pushing HARD. Really, really hard. They’re driving us right to the edge of reason with their gender-neutral message, their election shenanigans, their open-border policies, and their insistence that conservatives are somehow inherently evil. 

They’re not even trying to meet us in the middle anymore. 

But, because they’re pushing so hard, that pendulum is going to swing back equally as hard. (I believe that’s how/why we ended up with Trump, because Obama was such an extremist.) 

This back and forth movement isn’t new. In fact, it has happened many times over in our nation’s political history. Throughout the 20th century, America bounced back and forth between Republicans and Democrats. 

I was raised in the South, where my parents were all Democrats. But the party was different back then. They were far more conservative than they are now. Things started shifting during the Vietnam War and it propelled an extreme back and forth moment over the next several election cycles. 

We bounced from Johnson (D) to Nixon/Ford (R) to Carter (D) to Reagan (R). And things have been back and forth ever since, the pendulum swinging wildly and the pushes becoming more extreme on both sides. 

Sure, the liberals have taken over for the moment. They are pushing harder than ever against conservative policies, which is a slap in the face to many of us.

But never fear. . .we will slap back. Er, bounce back. 

Oh, we will. Just as Carter bounced to Reagan, we’ll bounce back. Until then, I choose to trust the swing of the pendulum. 



  1. When I was young my household were Democrat but a different kind of Democrats. They were conservative/moderate and for the American workers… not anymore. I’ve never seen so much greed, evil, venomous and control under the present Democratic party. I hope the moderate Democrats rise up and say enough and vote against Pelosi…. Remember: Pelosi can’t do anything to you because you were elected by your constituents and are to represent your constituents not your party. So you won’t be on her little committees….. WOW… who cares….
    WE THE PEOPLE want Pelosi out anyway….. Support your constituents.


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