Wokeism is Killing America

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

I’m awake. . .but I ain’t “woke.” I hope you’re not, either. 

Wokeism is a Marxist-inspired movement. The originators might have kicked things off with good intentions—a true desire to stop social injustice and racism—but trust me when I say that the movement has veered squarely to The Left. 

The words “stay woke” first appeared in print in 1942 but sprang back to life in 2014 during the BLM movement. Then, of course, we saw the woke crowd really come out swinging after George Floyd was killed. They wore the word “woke” as their activist label. 

In my humble opinion, the “woke” movement is truly at a cult status now. If you disagree with them, you’re silenced. They might begin by censoring you, but from there the “woke” crowd will humiliate you socially, force you out of your job, or even use violence, as we’ve seen in the Antifa and BLM riots. 

Wokeism is rooted in the notion that Americans have been in the dark about social justice issues. The awakening has evolved into a strong belief of “group rights” (or what many are calling “identity politics”). And, unless you agree with all of that, you’re psychologically whipped into submission. 

My question to the “woke” crowd is this: “Are you willing to use any means necessary to wake the rest of us up?” It sure looks and feels like it. 

An article titled “One Nation Under Woke” offers this assessment of the movement:

Through the sweeping and indiscriminate indictment of oppression that it makes against the American republic, wokeism poses the first serious challenge to our constitutional democracy since communism. Wokeism aims to remake American constitutionalism root and branch, to transform economics, politics, education, and other institutions and practices. The free and equal individual under the rule of law will be replaced with monolithic voices, united by perceived oppression, who demand a mutating law and politics that reward their grievances with punishments against alleged oppressors and redistributed resources for supposed “victims.” (Real Clear Politics)

Richard M. Reinsch II, who authored the piece, also had this to say: 

Under wokeism, the function of political institutions would not be to facilitate individual flourishing but to enforce individual sameness, subsuming us all in an egalitarian stew of grievance, redistribution, and retribution. The traits that define a decent community, such as forgiveness, humility and compromise, will not be possible, and those suggesting them will be accused of racism. Wokeism’s social-justice constitution would fuel a federal government built for one purpose: the evisceration of the freedoms that Americans have always known.

What started as a social justice movement has morphed into a “sameness” movement. And I think we’re all “woke” enough to realize that we were never meant to be the same. We’re different in personality, culture, beliefs, and even in how and what we eat, dress, and speak. If we force everyone into lemming mode, then what? What will that sort of society look like in 50 or 100 years? (I’m pretty sure George Orwell gave us a glimpse in his book, 1984.)

Our forefathers were the opposite of woke. They recognized the truth—that, while we’re created equal—we all deserve the right to be ourselves. That’s why they ensured freedom of speech, religion, and so on. . .so that we would maintain those freedoms of individualism. 

I hope it doesn’t sound arrogant if I say that I was never really asleep. I always had a soft spot in my heart for the underdogs. I saw social justice issues for what they were. Consequently, I didn’t see any great need to come awake or to change my thinking. 

And I can absolutely assure you I’m not a fan of group-think, whether it’s related to identity politics or COVID mandates. So, I’ll go on marching to the beat of my own drum, thank you very much. 

I hope you’ll do the same. 


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