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I wish I was making this up. Just like I wish I was making up the Mr. Potato Head story or the Dr. Seuss story. But these days, the breaking news stories are so wild, so out there, that they all fall under the “extreme” category. 

Right Side Broadcasting Network, a Christian news broadcaster, was booted from YouTube. Their crime? They covered Trump’s speech at Sunday’s CPAP convention. (Dastardly! How could they?!) 

Here’s what RSBN had to say about it.

Photo courtesy @rsbnetwork

How’s that for an ironic twist? Because RSBNetwork refused to censor, they, themselves were censored. 

Hence my “I wish I was making this up” line above. 

When will it end? We know that election fraud takes place. We know that Big Tech doesn’t allow people to admit that it takes place. So, the Big Tech goal here is threefold: To shut us up, to persuade us to believe a lie, and to help them spread the lie. 

Do I have that right? 

Oh, and to punish those who go against them. Because no one goes against them and gets away with it, no matter how important. Even a president. 

Trump doesn’t believe the lie. He knows that there were voting irregularities. And he talked about it in his speech on Sunday—a big no-no. And YouTube has now suspended RSBNetwork for two weeks as a slap on the wrist for covering that speech by a much-loved president. 

What country are we living in, again?  

According to YouTube, the video “violated their guidelines on election misinformation.” (The video reached 4 million views, which probably freaked YouTube out.) So, it had to go. 

Because, you know. . .narrative. 

Keep the narrative going. 

And going. 

And going. 



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