Back the Blue. Even when the left tells you not to.

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By CT Quinn | Civil Patriot

“Good afternoon officer”, “Thank you for your service officer!”, and “Stay safe out there officer”.  These were frequently heard words of affection to officers from the neighborhood I was raised in.  These words were uttered by Democrats and Republicans alike.  In the sad time that there was a cop shot and killed in the line of duty, the entire city and nation mourned together while providing a sendoff that those heroes deserved.  I can count on my hand the number of cops I remember growing up that were killed in the line of duty.  It wasn’t a common occurrence, until recently when those words of thanks and wellbeing were replaced by “die PIG”, “defund the murderers”, and “all cops are racist.” 

Watching the news and seeing the assault that the left is putting on our men and women in blue is down right sickening.  Since when is one of the hardest jobs in America not respected anymore? Cops are being killed at an alarming rate, and all you seem to hear is how the government must defund them and take away their resources.  This idea that the police are out to kill anyone they please with no repercussions is a flat out lie.  Given that line of work you have milliseconds to react.  Sometimes there are cases when someone chooses the wrong outcome, but that is not nearly as frequent as the left wants you to believe.  

One thing is for certain though, despite the disgraceful picture that’s being painted of the police force today, an extremely high majority of officers will still do whatever is in their power to keep you and your family safe.  

Whether you refer to them as pigs, racists, or murderers, these brave men and women took an oath to protect the citizens in their respective districts, and they continue to do that day in and day out.  My uncle was a police officer, a good man, and the respect my family had for him, especially my grandpop who wore a PPD hat religiously with such admiration for the role, was exactly how we should treat the job.  Liberal Politicians are calling to defund the police, yet are calling them for flat tires, traffic accidents, possibility of break ins on their homes, and other cases.  How do you justify calling the same people you are trying to denounce and defund?  I think that answer is simple.  These Politicians will say and do whatever it is they can to get votes, and then go and do whatever is best for them to protect themselves and their families.  

The job is an easy one to call out every simple mistake or case that went wrong, but walk a day in their shoes and I am sure the same people who want to defund and slur their names would end up having the same respect and admiration for them that once seemed to be a national reaction.  


  1. Totally agree.
    Backing the police and other law protection agency’s are in everyone’s best interest. It should be of the highest priority. We should always choose freedom and law and order before submission to the left and their unrealistic ideals. Thank you to those that serve this country!
    I just wish those who swore to uphold the Constitution in Congress/President Elect and those in all governmental positions would take their jobs seriously and put Law and order first.
    Stop the no bail mentality and increase penalties and incarcerations if necessary.
    Those who choose to be criminals need to OWN their consequences.


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