Biden: I Don’t Even Know if There Will be a Republican Party

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Annie Peterson | Civil Patriot

No doubt you’ve read about Biden’s press conference last week. It was—in a word—memorable. 

He stumbled. 

He fumbled. 

And he said some things that were downright. . .odd. 

For example, when asked if he thought Trump might run again in 2024, Joe scoffed and then had this to say: “Oh, come on. I don’t even think about—I have no idea. I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party. Do you?”

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You have no idea if the party that came out in support of President Trump to the tune of 75+ million voters will even exist in 3.5 more years? Are you really that popular, that powerful, that well-loved? You believe that multiplied millions of people will fold like a deck of cards? 

If anything, conservatives will come back stronger than ever in the next presidential election. And if Biden was implying that they would split into multiple parties by then, he isn’t paying attention. Trump made it clear in recent speech at CPAC that he’s not starting his own party. He wants conservatives to stay united under the GOP flag. 

So, yes Joe. Yes, there will be a Republican party. And I suspect Trump will run again, though he hasn’t committed himself. He has certainly teased his supporters and polls of GOP voters seem to suggest that he would be a strong front-runner. 

Still, Biden’s comments do have me wondering if this isn’t the ultimate goal of the Democrats, anyway—to turn this country into a one-party nation, all citizens united under (er, submitted to) their authority. 

Maybe Joe really was espousing what he’s been told by the puppeteers. Maybe they all believe we’ll eventually give in and do as we’re told. 

Still. . .Biden? In 2024? 

Am I the only one who finds it strange that Joe, (78), believes himself to be in good enough shape to run again 3.5 years out? He’ll be. . .what? 82, at that point? I worry about his cognitive state now. I can’t even imagine what things will be like by then. 

Still, he told reporters that it’s his “expectation” that he will run and that VP Kamala will be on the ticket. 


He did add these words: 

“I’ve become a great respecter of fate in my life. I’ve never been able to plan … three and a half years ahead, for certain.”

I don’t think anyone had better count on a second run from Joe. But maybe that’s just me. 



  1. Do not turn us communist that would you and the Democratic party saying screw you we win. want to destroy the country do this and watch the BLOOD run.


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