Big Tech and CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Techniques

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Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

Here at Civil Patriot we’re covering a lot of censorship stories. You might wonder why we’re hyper-focusing on them. 

I believe that Big Tech and Big Media have sold their souls to The Left (and to the Deep State). They are attempting to silence conservatives, yes, but there’s more to it than that. They want to control us. And the control techniques they’re using? They feel very, very familiar. 

One need look no further than the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to see where America’s Big Tech companies are getting their playbook. 

“This is more than content moderation, which is what Big Tech likes to say they’re doing: “Just making sure people are polite.” This is controlling what you see, hear, and say, thereby what you think and how you vote. The Left is telling you to submit or they will cancel you. Sounds a lot like Communist China, doesn’t it?”
Senator Marsha Blackburn (CPAC)

The Trump years were a wake-up call to conservatives. If the leader of the free world could be censored/silenced/cancelled, anyone could be shut down. And if those holding the power made decisions based on their own beliefs but not ours? Then what? 

Unlike China, we the American people still have rights. Inalienable rights. They can’t be taken away from us—by Big Tech, Big Media, The Left/The Deep State. They are ours forever. And they are meant to be passed down to our children and grandchildren. So, we must fight these techniques being used against us, and part of that is recognizing what they are. 

“The Chinese communist party during COVID—they locked people in their apartments, cut off their communication with others, wouldn’t let them travel around China but you could go anywhere else in the world.”
– Marsha Blackburn (CPAC)

In similar style, the media moguls of today are trying to shut off our communication with others. Our own Annie Peterson recently put out a great piece called Two Sides to the Story, which covers more on this subject. But I’ve been looking at China’s Communist Party techniques, and I see a few others we need to watch out for: 

Dictatorship: Do as Big Brother says. . .or else. 

  • We’ve seen this more in the past few weeks than in all of American history. 

Firewall: We limit what you see, hear, say. 

  • Big Tech attempts this daily.

Phone scanners and facial recognition software to track the people 

  • Done.

Institute Marxist styles of learning. 

  • Done.

Rules-based order 

  • Done.

Passing off lies as truth 

  • Big Tech, Big Media, and The Left are all working in cahoots to make sure they pass off lies as truth. Every story carries a slant, one we aren’t supposed to question. 

Massive military presence 

  • D.C. during the weeks wrapping the inauguration. Need I say more?

Intellectual property theft 

  • Happening.

Sophisticated global disinformation campaigns 

  • We see it every day.

Control over supply chains 

  • Um. . .should we start with the Keystone Pipeline fiasco and Biden’s desire to shut down our access to oil? He’s determined to increase our dependence on foreign nations for many products. 

Access to enormous amounts of data about citizens 

  • They know every move we make—what we buy, where we go, who we communicate with, what we eat, and how much money we make and spend.

Global surveillance 

  • Done.

Draw foreign elites into their orbit. 

  • Happening.

Undercut national security and prosperity 

  • Don’t get me started on what’s going on at our borders. We’ll be here all day. 

Re-establish a new order 

  • They’re working hard to create a new normal, one where we conform and do as we’re told without questioning them or offering a differing opinion. 

Look, folks—I’m not saying the U.S. is a Communist nation. But I am saying that the Biden Administration, working in tandem with Big Tech, is pointing us in that direction. 

Eyes wide open, folks. 

Eyes wide open. 



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