BREAKING: President Trump reacts after signing Covid relief bill, backs the American people


Brock Benson | Civil Patriot

BREAKING: Trump comes out swinging on behalf of the American people as he signs COVID relief bill, but takes several carefully aimed slugs at Democrats in the process.

On Sunday evening, after reaching an agreement with Congress over stimulus checks, President Trump signed the $2.3 trillion pandemic relief and spending bill. In doing so, a partial government shutdown has been averted. 

The bill includes a $900 billion COVID-19 relief package. Later today the House will vote to increase direct payments to $2,000 per person and $5,200 for a family of four. Afterwards, the bill will move to the Senate for consideration. 

Trump made it clear in a statement upon signing that his thoughts are on the American people:

It remains unclear whether Trump can force the hands of his political opponents now that the bill has been signed, but he has stated his case. As always, Trump is working to protect the people, not the politicians. No matter where you stand on the COVID relief bill, you can rest assured Trump is thinking of you with every move he makes. 



  1. Thank you President Trump. You are a businessman and handled the budget review better than any former President in my memory except Ronald Regan who as leader of the Screen Actors Guild and Gov of CA had superior business sense as well. President Trump, you have shown the USA that things CAN and SHOULD be better for the people, not just the wealthy. You have shown that the wealthy need to use their money properly invest in the future of the USA, not let China take over our country. May God Bless You and be with you always.

  2. My sincerest Thank You Mr President for your continued work on behalf of the american people. Please be aware, you have opened so many eyes as to the corruption in washington. I changed my political affiliation because of your truth and honesty, however, due to others in the gop that haven’t upheld their oath for the american people, i may never vote republican again. UNTIL 2024 IF YOU RUN AGAIN!!! Please accept my apologies for the horrible treatment you have endured as our President, but know you have touched so many lives in such a positive way. YOU ARE LOVED BY SO MANY!!!!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS.

  3. I commend the President for caring for the people of the United States. Unfortunately our elected officials do not seem to feel the same way for the people of the United States who put them in office and who they work for. The disgraceful stimulus bill that was put into effect does not show any consideration for the people of the United States. One must think that the officials that voted for this bill has a hidden agenda that must only profit themselves as all that money going to foreign countries and hidden pork does not help the people of the United States who will end up paying for all of that. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. When are the people in this free and great country come to their senses and fight for rights and freedom. History shows that people who have fought and died to keep all of us free and preserve our rights will have fought and died for nothing. A large number of people are either stupid, lazy or so misinformed and blatantly lied
    To they need to start making informed decisions and act accordingly Wake up Americans

  5. That’s sad that the Democrats get to do that. And I remember when Obama and Biden were in office for eight years they gave the smallest Social Security raise one time in eight years but they didn’t cut their paychecks or give up anything because they’re all rich bastards and it makes me sick the cost-of-living went up every year of those eight years and the poor people living in poverty I can just imagine what they went through. Now y’all got the Democrats back I’m gonna be laughing when you start posting how miserable you are but remember you wanted them and you got Biden the first president with dementia I hope all you Democrats are proud of yourself.

  6. I hope the RINOs & the democrat commie party keep their word but it is unlikely. They are 2 faced liars. RINO like mitt romney hate POTUS Trump because he became POTUS & liar romney couldn’t. I’d hate to have a RINO have my back in a war battle, wouldn’t you?

  7. I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, However, I believe in the truth and that the truth will make you free. My name is Ken, and I’ve been on God’s green earth for a little over eighty-two years. As a youth I served in the military twice after being called back in by president Kennedy account of the Berlin crisis to provide communication’s for our Army Ranger’s because of my ability in Morris code. I have seen many presidents come and go in my lifetime and my list of the four greatest would be the following although not in that order, Kennedy, Regan, Nixon and Trump. Don’t be mislead, Nixon was framed by a couple of liberals over a the Washington Post. This Election was stolen from Trump and he will prevail.

  8. Although, I do not trust either the House or the Senate, I am hoping that you will remain in the WH for another 4 years. Wishing you and the American people all the best for 2021 and thereafter. Without you this country will become a third world country which faces globalism and socialism. Americans should understand what would be like. I know because I lived it before I immigrated to the USA.

  9. now we will find out just how far the dems are from jumping into the fire of communism .Trump red-lined the pork,the foreign aid to crooked congressmen and women, mustn’t forget pelousy, this much graft and pork is poison to the entire country.

  10. Thank you President Trump! While it is so important to get aide to Americans who are suffering now, that does not mean we want Congress adding in billions of dollars to foreign countries (kickback scheme) or trying to steal more power for themselves while silencing Americans right to free speech! GOD BLESS YOU SIR! WE LOVE YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP! We are so proud and happy that you did WIN the election and will be our president 4 more years!!

  11. God for the President. Someone must look after American citizens. Congress sure doesn’t. They, especially the democrats are more interested in sending money to other governments that helping our own citizens. Why do stupid people keep putting these idiots back in office.
    Lets split the country. Liberal states and conservative states. Then watch the liberal states fall on their faces.

  12. I think we have had a great President & first Lady in the White House & we need to keep them there he fights for the USA Saves the USA money, in every way, he tired to implement A full National Emergency plan & fully fund the Border Security & they blocked him had they passed it, this would have save the USA from all pandemics, sicknesses, infestation & lives , in the future, it would have blocked Drug Cartels from entering freely, it would have Illegal guns from entering the USA freely , it would have made illegal aliens respect the USA by making them fill out proper documents to enter the USA properly to make parents responsible for their kids so they would not die crossing the borders Illegally due to their spiteful misconduct of not wanting any laws , it would have forced corporations to aide by the laws,& American elected officials who get paid for their jobs abide by the laws, because they feel they are above the laws&none of them are past & present those of the past should have been caught & punished all ready . No shadow governments should have ever been allowed harassing any Americans or elected officials those involved need to go to jail


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